Pencil shading brush: reviews for the best


Pencil Blending Brush

The pencil blending brush deserves a separate post. It would seem, what could the article be about? In fact, this is one of the important topics that is directly related to shading shadows.

We talked about shading shadows more than once in the blog. But I didn’t mention such a step as shading the pencil.

In any technique where a pencil is used to draw a shape or serves as a substitute for a base for shadows, the choice of a brush is very important.

It cannot be a brush with which you apply dry textures. It is distinguished by two essential parameters – synthetic pile and shape.

Types of pencil blending brushes

If you think that there is only one version of a pencil shading brush, then you are greatly mistaken.

1. Flat brush

Pencil Blending Brush - Flat

Essential in pencil technique. With its help we shade the pencil. Most often, a brush is used to apply lipstick. Its spatula shape and densely drawn bristle meet all the requirements of a pencil blending brush.

Pencil Blending Brush

2. Keg brush

Pencil Blending Brush - Keg

Designed to build a shape on the lower and upper eyelids. The brush should be tightly typed so that when pressed, it spreads over the eyelid, interfering with shading. How can I check this? Place the tip of the brush on your hand and press, if it does not change shape, then this is what we need!

Pencil Blending Brush - Keg

3. Beveled brush for feathering the arrow

Pencil Blending Brush - Beveled

Lets you draw a feathery arrow as shown in the photo below. When choosing, pay attention to the thickness of the pile. It should be thin and tightly typed.

Pencil Blending Brush - Beveled

4. Fluffy brush

Pencil Blending Brush - Fluffy

Mandatory for shading the pencil border beyond the crease of the eyelid. This stage allows you to get rid of clear lines, which should not be in the “Smoky Ice” technique.

Pencil Blending Brush - Fluffy

As you already understood, the brushes have synthetic pile. Firstly, it is elastic, and secondly, it is wear-resistant. In this regard, I have great news for you – a pencil shading brush might be worth a penny!

Budget pencil blending brushes

I hope I was helpful and you may now consider buying a separate brush. After all, its presence depends on how “clean” your eye makeup will turn out.