Pigments for eye makeup: 4 popular application mistakes


Pigments for eye makeup

Pigments for eye makeup are still trending. No matter how much makeup artists and bloggers convince themselves otherwise, there is a demand for pigments.

They just changed a little, passing from a crumbly “state” to a compressed form. You see them more often than you think. Every second palette contains a similar texture, for example, palettes from Natasha Denona or Hooda Beauty.

True, due to the fact that not everyone is aware of what kind of texture they are dealing with, they complain about “my shadows are crumbling, they do not hold on to the eyelid, they are poorly applied”.

But the point is completely different – in front of you is a compressed pigment. How to work with him is the goal of today’s post. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes in applying pigments to the eyes.

1. Apply pigments over dry eyelids

Pigments for eye makeup

If the eyelid is absolutely “naked”, goodbye to beautiful makeup with pigments. Anything you apply will remain under your eyes, not on them. The picture is sad. So always use a foundation of any kind, just don’t leave your eyelid clean!

2. Wait for the base under the shade to dry

Pigments for eye makeup

This is done only when a smooth shading matte shadows… In the case of pigments, a tacky or freshly applied base under the shade… The pigment will stick and fix, which is what we need. Therefore, we do not wait for the primer to dry, but immediately apply the pigment.

3. Apply pigment with a fluffy brush

Pigments for eye makeup

Previously, this was the most popular mistake, today I meet it less and less on the Internet. Most use flat brushes, a minority use fingers, and few use an applicator for help. By the way, I talked about him here – in a separate post.

4. Ignore substrate protrusions

Pigments for eye makeup

Do not forget about all kinds of substrates that I talked about here… All the beauty of pigments is revealed on their basis. Especially those related to chameleons.

What is the difference between base under shadow and underlay? So that you use a substrate with color – matte black lipstick, brown pencil, purple creamy shadows. Against their background, the pigment will look brighter and more colorful. This option is a must for those who photograph their own makeup, as the flash will not “pierce” the eye makeup.

Now you have every chance to fall in love with pigments, because not to love them just because of the peculiarity of the texture – it’s stupid when there are so many application options! Agree?)