Red Smokey Ice: the look of 2020!


Red Smokey Ice

I left you for 8 whole days and the reason for this is the arrival of my parents in Dubai. The offer – to spend the January “vacation” outside winter – they were so happy that they bought tickets in a couple of months.

Well, that otmazatsya laugh

Now ready to publish new make-ups and useful articles.

I decided to start the New Year with red Smokey Ice, bleached eyebrows and black lipstick. Doesn’t that scare you? It is unlikely, of course, for so many years you have already got used to my “surprises” that another of them will be lost in hundreds of others don-t_mention

Red Smokey Ice

Now to the point. As a base Matt lipstick… Well, I can’t use other means when I need to achieve the most black and red Smokey Ice. How I used to live without matte lipstick – I ask myself this question in 2020!

Who never dared to try it as a base under the shade, let’s do it and understand for yourself – this is your method or not. So I immediately understood, but someone abandoned this idea forever, using the classic base under the shade.

Red Smokey Ice

Red shadows have taken on a very important role – to bring black shadows to skin color. And they did it very well. Thanks to eyeshadow blending brushes from the squirrel pile, I gently walked them along the crease of the eyelid.

But on the lips, on the contrary, there was an eyeliner. I painted it over the entire surface and applied a transparent lip gloss.

Do not even ask why I do the opposite, using lip products on the eyes, but apply what is intended for the eyes on my lips. I just love the result. And you?)

List of used products with links to reviews:


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

Make up for ever Liquid Lift Foundation

Concealer Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer

Pupa Glow Obsession Liquid Highlighter


Beauty Bomb x Gev_Mua Kajal Family

Viseart 08 Editorial Brights Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart 04 Dark Matte Eyeshadow Palette


Beauty Bomb x Gev_Mua Kajal Family

Make Up Store Glace Virgin Lip Gloss