Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai and beyond – an overview of new products


Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai

It’s been a long time since I showed you my cosmetics purchases in Dubai, and they were literally last week.

Honestly, I regretted what I bought! Of course, I knew that cosmetics here are more expensive, but not 2-3 times! It would be better if I did not go to Russian online store sites with 50% discounts to get even more upset.

In general, this is how I got new items, which I plan to tell you about in the near future. And today I decided to show them to you live, as an announcement, as it was in the good old days.

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai

Charlotte tilbury

Finally, I decided on Charlotte Tilbury’s cosmetics, having bought several bestsellers of the brand at once.

Highlighter is a novelty, which has already become a favorite of many makeup artists and simply lovers of cosmetics.

You already know about eye shadow palettes, they are praised for something incredible, and for what exactly, I decided to find out in the near future. There is no need to talk about the bronzer, he is already so many years old, and he is still in the top of the best. I couldn’t help but buy it, if only out of respect for my occupation – blogging. Everything that makes me a little behind this “beauty life” was told about him.

Pillow Talk – Beauty Light Wand – Charlotte Tilbury

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai

The Sophisticate – Luxury Palette – Charlotte Tilbury

The Sophisticate - Luxury Palette - Charlotte Tilbury

Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Light To Medium – Charlotte Tilbury

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai


I didn’t have a Dior, I’m ashamed to admit, for a couple of years so for sure. My last purchase was Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara. And now it was worth 2020 for Dior to reappear in my cosmetic bag.

I went to the corner out of curiosity. Here they are like a work of art. The design is at the highest level, that you want to become a part of this story. The consultant attracted attention and, as it turned out later, not in vain.

A nice girl from Kazakhstan invited me to do makeup. She sensed my doubts about the tone and suggested that I apply it all over my face with clean brushes. It should be noted that the locals are very suspicious and squeamish, which forces cosmetics stores to maintain impeccable hygiene. This is a huge plus for me!

So I left in full dress with a perfectly fitting face tone and flawless contouring.

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation and Dior Backstage Contour Palette – Complexion

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai

Juvia’s Place

At the end of July, I bought Juvia’s Place palettes, but you can guess which one was the reason for the purchase. Of course, The Wahala. The palette was sold out in a few days from the start of sales, then the brand promised to release it again in July. The month was coming to an end, and the notification in the mail never came. And as soon as I resigned myself to the fact that it would not be on sale, a letter came – Ol, The Wahala is on sale! So I arranged the delivery and waited for her to appear in the UAE.

By the way, in Russia everyone complains that stores ask for a delivery fee, and in the AOE I have to pay tax for a parcel on any amount + costs for storing a parcel if you pick it up from regular mail.

And even the funniest thing is when delivery to Russia from a certain amount is free, and if you mark the country of delivery in the UAE, it is paid regardless of the total cost of the parcel.

The other day there was a funny incident when I went to the online store of one of the brands of cosmetics and by default I had the currency in dirhams. I was surprised how the cosmetics rose in price and decided to double-check how much it would cost in rubles by changing the geolocation on the site. And suddenly all prices became $ 20 lower than those when I had a delivery country – the UAE.

In general, I am sad at the times when I could come to the Russian post office and pick up my parcel without shipping, storage and tax.

I Am Magic Concealer – Juvia’s Place

The Warrior 3 Eyeshadow Palette – Juvia’s Place

The Wahala Eyeshadow Palette – Juvia’s Place

Juvia's Place

Kiko milano

The Kiko brand is here at every step, which cannot be said about St. Petersburg – he did not have time to appear on the Haymarket, as six months later it was closed. I love their Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick, so much so I decided to add three new colors to my line.

I could not leave without the famous sculptor, who is very much praised by ordinary users. I don’t meet him in the hands of makeup artists and maybe there are certain reasons for this. In general, I’m starting testing, the results of which will appear on the blog.

Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick – Kiko Milano: 51 White Matte, 58 Lilac, 20 Black

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai

Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour – Kiko Milano # 201

Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour - Kiko Milano


Kryolan coroners can be found in large malls. These are individual stores that represent the entire range of the brand. This is probably what a make-up paradise looks like.

The brand refers to itself as a professional brand that the lover will get confused in so many cosmetics, but not in Dubai. Surprisingly, Kryolan is very popular here. I decided to buy face painting, because I left Make Up For Ever Flash Color Case at home, but did not want to buy the same palette.

Kryolan shimmering vision palette

Shopping for cosmetics in Dubai


After all these purchases, I realized how long I had not bought anything for myself. These were always purchases either for a blog at the request of readers, or for work as a make-up artist. But specifically for myself – no. Therefore, she made a promise to herself sometimes to please herself for no reason. It turns out to be nice).

By the way, all brands of cosmetics are presented in two large malls – Dubai Mall and Mall Of The Emirates. Therefore, it is enough to go to one of them and you will find everything you need.

In general, there are so many cosmetics that you only have time to write reviews. Recently, I have been bad at it, the work takes too much time and effort, but I will try to please you with new articles, since quitting blogging in 2020 was not part of my plans.

What kind of cosmetics purchases in Dubai would you make?