18 August 2021

What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor

What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor? – a question that I am often asked not only in the blog, but in life. If you are sure that their difference is only in color, then this article is for you!

4 important differences between a bronzer and a sculptor

1. Product quantity

What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor

Every time I am amazed at the sheer size of the bronzers. They can be smeared from head to toe and will still be enough until next season.

But the sculptors are much more modest in terms of the number of grams. The manufacturer saves on our cheekbones. They end much faster when there is something to paint. Here I have it. I don’t like my cheeks. I like raised cheekbones, so much so that at one time I was carried away by the topic of removing Bisha’s lumps, but after 10 minutes after reading the side effects I changed my mind.

In general, this is the first difference between a bronzer and a sculptor, which I do not understand and do not accept – the amount of the product. It’s not fair, is it?

2. A palette of shades of bronzers and sculptors

What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor

What what, and bronzers have one of the most dull palettes. It is also necessary to look in which category of decorative products similarly boring and repetitive colors. There are, of course, exceptions, for example – theBalm Bahama Mama, but most bronzers are no different from each other.

For this reason, each brand is trying to get out of this situation beautifully in the literal sense – to create stunning beauty bronzers. When I saw “Terracotta Hestia Island – Guerlain” I wanted to buy it as a gift, so picturesque embossing. Have you seen sculptors release in a similar format? Me not.

But the sculptors’ palette is much more interesting. Just what are the two existing camps: warm and cold blush for contouring, each of which has at least five colors. True, it was not always so. In 2011, I used the MAC shade in Wedge instead of the sculptor due to the lack of blush in the same shade.

3. Difference in coverage


You won’t find sculptors with pearlescent or shimmery finishes. This is a story about a matte finish and only a matte finish.

The same cannot be said about bronzers. They are not shy about releasing them with different types of coatings without really explaining to us what to do with them later. Therefore, in the article “How to choose a bronzer: types and rules of application. Part II “ I told you how and where to apply pearlescent bronzer.

4. Differences in application methods

Application method

I showed about the bronzer application scheme here, but about how to use the sculptor – here.

Therefore, I will simply remind you that with a bronzer you can create the illusion of a face touched by the sun according to the three-figure scheme, and a sculptor can draw a “new” face. He is capable of such that his mother does not recognize, and if she does, she will only pretend that she did.


What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor

Now you understand how a bronzer differs from a sculptor. As you can see, there are several differences and they are all significant. Therefore, it is better not to confuse them.

Just remember that bronzer is a product for the summer, when the pallor of the skin leaves you for a while from the contact of your face with the sun and the already cold sculptors look like a dirty spot on your cheekbones.

And if you notice “dirty” cheekbones outside the summer, then the shade of the sculptor does not suit you, read, you are not so “cold” to use such a palette. But that’s a completely different story …

Well, let’s discuss the differences between a bronzer and a sculptor. Perhaps you have something to add or subtract if you strongly disagree with any of the points.