What NOT to do during quarantine: 4 ideas


What NOT to do during quarantine

Everyone writes articles about what to do during quarantine, and I will tell you what NOT to do during quarantine.

1. DO NOT feel sorry for yourself

Yes, we all love to do this! The thought of how unhappy I am: there is no work and will there be any now ?! – immerses in a state of immeasurable self-pity.

What to do? Look at everything from the outside and look at millions of people like you. Believe me, everyone worries and thinks about what will happen next. Get away from your self and think of hundreds of thousands of other people who find themselves in the same position as you.

2. DO NOT think about the future

Tell me that I would make such a statement six months ago, to a person who thinks about everything in advance, I would laugh. And now I “prescribe” a pill for everyone to “not think about the future.”

As soon as you begin to imagine the scale of the economic crisis, you experience panic, fear and horror. Now the moment has come when it is useless to think about the future. Yes, at least think about it, but you cannot change something right now and somehow influence your future.

What to do? Choose an observer role. Imagine himself as the hero of the series, who turned out to be in the wrong season and all that remains for him is to look at what is happening with detachment.

3. DO NOT procrastinate

After reading the book Beat Procrastination! How to stop procrastinating until tomorrow ”I realized that all these years I had put a completely different meaning in the word“ procrastination ”. I dealt with intrinsic motivation, diagnosed myself with decision paralysis and started living a new life in such a difficult time.

What to do? To read Peter Ludwig and it is not easy to draw conclusions, but to act. The book outlines the clear steps you must take.

4. DO NOT watch the news

Shield yourself from the media. Stop browsing the news feed several times a day. You will learn all the most important things without social media. networks. Believe me, truly serious information will reach you, even if you give up the Internet.

Plunging into the news, studying statistics in an attempt to trace a pattern or something else, you return to the points above: you begin to feel sorry for yourself, think about the future, procrastinate and watch the news again. Vicious circle.

What to do? Nobody, except yourself, will help you in this situation. It’s up to you to be a victim of circumstances or an observer. I chose the second path, which is why I experience inner freedom, which is what I wish for you!