What to do if shadows are poorly applied

The most popular question I get asked as a makeup artist is what to do if the eyeshadow is poorly applied. And really, what are the reasons that prevent you from enjoying eye makeup. I’m telling you.

What to do if shadows are poorly applied

Expired shelf life

Last month we talked with you about the expiration dates of shadows and how they let us know when it’s time to say goodbye to them. An obvious symptom: shadows are poorly typed on the brush. It literally slips along the refill without absorbing the pigment, hence the feeling that the shadows do not paint! If you suddenly notice similar behavior, throw them a farewell party.

Low quality shadows

Alas, shadows of terrible quality still exist. They can give out their bad behavior with a loose texture, weak pigment recoil, dull color. As a result, the brush absorbs pigment unevenly and applying shadows becomes torture. Not everyone blames poor quality cosmetics, which is why they misdiagnose their hands, which, according to their version, grow from another place.

What to do if shadows are poorly applied

Shadow pigment

Shadows can be poorly applied due to a misunderstanding that it is not easy shadows in front of you, but compressed pigment. Not all brands consider it necessary to divide the shadows into subspecies, which is why the beginner is shocked when the shadows refuse to shade.

In such shadows, the maximum amount of pigment, depriving them of a silky texture, hence the problems with application. If, however, they are treated like loose pigments, applied in a certain way, then the problem will disappear. Therefore, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with a useful article on this topic “Pigments for eye makeup.”

Incorrect application technique

Many do not analyze their actions without attaching importance to working with brushes. When another client of mine asked me why shadows were poorly applied, I asked him to show how he picks them up. I was surprised to find that the brush goes down in the shadow on one side, and when shading the shadows, the other side, clear of shadows, works.

Therefore, it is so important that the brush draws the same amount of pigment from all sides. Check to see if you have an error that could lead to this issue.

What to do if shadows are poorly applied

Brush selection error

Not everyone understands the difference between a flat and a fluffy brush, which is why they try to do makeup with one of them. Unfortunately, the result will not be very good, unless you are a makeup artist who knows how to work with different shapes of brushes without losing quality.

Do not try to intensify eye makeup on the moving eyelid with a fluffy brush or flatten the shading. When it comes to classic eye makeup, the flat brush works on the movable part of the eyelid, and the fluffy one outside the crease on the fixed area. It’s that simple!

Applying eyeshadow on a naked eyelid without makeup

If you refuse to prepare the eyelid, then do not be surprised that the shadows are poorly applied. Use a foundation or concealer. Apply a very thin layer, it should be sufficient. Blend thoroughly and move on to the stage of applying eyeshadow. If the eyelid is oily, then the best option would be a base under the shadow, which guarantees 100% durability.


I really hope that the post was as useful as possible for you and that you found a solution to your problem. And if not, then ask in the comments, you know me, I do not leave a single comment unanswered.

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