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Mangrove Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi

The Mangrove Sanctuary in the UAE is not an easy attraction for tourists who google “what to see in Abu Dhabi in 1 day”. This is a great pastime for expats like us.

It turned out that swimming every weekend in the sea will sooner or later get bored. And the thought: I’ll live by the sea and you won’t get me out of there! – remained in the past.

No, I love the sea with all my heart, at least for the feeling of weightlessness. Salt water deprives me of 50 kg as I swim to the yellow buoy and back. But sometimes you want to rent a car and hit the road to a mangrove reserve.

How to get to the Mangrove Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi

Mangrove Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi

Mangrove forests are located in Abu Dabu on Zayed Bin Sultan Street. The coordinates can be confusing for the independent traveler if he does not look at the signs. Namely there you will see the inscription “Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street”, which means turn on the turner to the right!

You find yourself on an internal road with lots of hotels. They are what we need. As you understand, the mangrove reserve does not have a specific address.

You can go to the first hotel we came across, but we went to the second one, where the price for a kayak turned out to be less, and there were more hours for skiing than in the first hotel. You can rent kayaks at any hotel, just go to the reception and ask: “Where can I rent a kayak?”

Price per kayak 160 dirham = 2.800 rubles. in 3 hours.

Mangrove Kayaking Experience

Mangrove Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi

And everything would be fine, you sit in a green kayak with your partner, in my case with my husband, and you feel how your butt starts to get wet. In my mind, the kayaks had no holes, so I could afford to wear light jeans. But in reality they are, which is why the water flows inside.

Therefore, go in a swimsuit and take a change of clothes with you.

It took me 10 minutes to distract myself from the “wet” sensations in the direction of impressions. All the beauty was waiting for us inside the forest when we swam into the mangrove park.

Mangrove forests are trees or shrubs that have been able to adapt to their habitat in flooded areas of sea coasts and estuaries.

Guided by the map that we took a picture of the kayak renter in advance, my husband chose the direction, and I doubted the correctness of the route.

Especially when he decided to shorten the path along an inland water path with thickets without signs of kayaks once swimming here.

But after the story in Cappadocia, when we got lost in the mountains, this path seemed harmless to me. We met a beautiful crane, which was clearly unhappy with our appearance and flew screaming into the thickets, waiting for us to swim away.

And we sailed quickly, thanks to my husband. I preferred a double kayak to a solo one and did the right thing.

Paddling for 3 hours is not about waving brushes. Hands get tired very quickly, but you have to swim. Therefore, to be honest, they rolled me, and I looked from side to side, then into the water. And it was so clean and transparent that you could see the roots of plants, fish, the bottom …!

The guidebook talks about a large number of aquatic animals – stingrays, turtles, snakes … But we did not see anyone except a flock of gray fish, cranes and unfamiliar birds.

Mangrove Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi

And now news for those who prefer to walk rather than swim. Now you don’t have to row to see the mangrove forest.

Jubail Mangrove Park

The footpath was completed this year… You can walk along the wooden bridges and feel like a guest in this place.

Remember, Jubail Mangrove Park has two routes: the long route is 2 km and the short route is 1 km. Opening hours from 09.00 to 18.30.

But I will drown for kayaks, only with them you are left alone with nature, with its wild sounds and your own atmosphere. So whoever decides to spend your next vacation in Dubai, give half a day to the mangrove sanctuary in Abu Dhabi. He will not make you regret the time spent.