18 August 2021

What brush to apply cream eyeshadow

What brush to apply cream eyeshadow? – a question that should be asked by everyone who cannot imagine their makeup without cream eyeshadows. For example me.

Cream eyeshadow – my secret passion. I can use them both as a standalone product and in a role base under the shade. But regardless of the method of application, I never part with a brush. When choosing it, I pay attention to the following indicators:

Bristle brush for applying cream eyeshadow

What brush to apply cream eyeshadow

I always use a synthetic brush. A natural one can be “killed” in one go, and if you are very lucky, then in two.

Therefore, one of the most important rules sounds like this: never apply cream or liquid eyeshadow made from natural bristles!

By the way, a goat can endure such trials and very decently. But I still feel sorry for her, when instead of her I can use a brush with a cheaper and lower class.

The shape of the brush, depending on the type of makeup

What brush to apply cream eyeshadow

  • The flat spatula brush is suitable for matting under shadows. How to do it? You apply creamy eyeshadow from the lash line, working up to the crease of the eyelid.
  • Fluffy brush – allows you to create one of the quick makeup options. With its help, you will achieve a smooth “entry” of the color of creamy shadows in the color of the skin. This is my favorite way I use express makeup.

Brush price

What brush to apply cream eyeshadow

The price of a brush starts from 0 rubles – 1.500 rubles.

  • But between us, I see no point in overpaying for a synthetic brush when it has one simple task – to apply creamy eyeshadow.

Nothing is required from her other than applying a creamy texture. You can shade it with the most budgetary brush, for example, Real Techniques, or not buy it at all, but get it from the Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette.

Well, that’s all, the topic “What brush to apply cream shadows” – I think it is revealed. And if you are still in a stupor and do not know the answers to some questions, write in the comments mail