Why foundation peels off the face: 4 main reasons


Why does the foundation peel off on the face?

Why does foundation flake off on my face? – this question was asked to me by one of you on Instagram. Knowing that I am the same dry skin type, the reader has come to the right place. For a very long time I have been struggling with peeling. They pissed me off with their presence. The tone was bad, and I felt even worse.

The main problem associated with peeling sounds like this: I apply foundation and I see that the skin is peeling like hell. What to do?

The first desire is to run to the bathroom to get a scrub and “punish” the skin for bad behavior.

Why does the foundation peel off on the face?

Result: injured skin. Peeling is our everything. What is the difference between scrub and exfoliation?

A scrub is a gel with abrasive particles that scrape off dead cells from the surface of the skin. Peeling helps dissolve sebum and destroys the bonds between cells, so that the scales peel off painlessly.

The second desire is to spread with a thick layer of cream before applying the tone.

The foundation emphasizes flaking

The cream, of course, is needed, and better nourishing, but before bedtime. Moisturizing the skin is one of the important steps in the fight against flaking. You must use two different creams: day and night. They differ in composition and consistency.

The third desire is to quarrel with the foundation and throw it to hell …!

Dry skin problems - peeling

Unfortunately, not a single tone is able to hide peeling, if any. Until you decide on the issue of facial care, it makes no sense to change one foundation for another.

But still, the tonal foundation is capable of provoking peeling if it is not matched for the type of skin, which I described in detail in this article for 2012.

The fourth desire is to stop using tone.

Dry skin problems - peeling

This is a good stopgap measure. For the period while you are looking for a solution with leaving, you can forget about the tone. So the process will go much faster and easier than you go in search of a tonal foundation without picking up care products. By the way, this is one of the most common mistakes!

The fifth desire is to ask Olya “why the foundation peels off on the face”, to get a full-fledged article-answer and solve this question for yourself once and for all smile