4 life hacks that will change your eye makeup for the better!


I argued with a friend that I would tell her about 4 life hacks that she did not know about.

We found a cozy place without unnecessary ear-witnesses and over a cup of double americano we started chatting about eye makeup.

Eye makeup - the secrets of perfect eye makeup

At the beginning of the conversation, I test the waters. I need to understand how well she knows the technique of makeup and whether I will be able to discover something new for her.

Suddenly she starts to complain: no, well, you provide, only I shaded the shadows, beautifully distributed the pigment and here you have mascara prints. Every time I dye my eyelashes, they ruin all my eye makeup. Got enough already!

– And you try to paint them with half-closed eyes. Don’t pick them up and try to look down. It’s less likely to get your eyelids dirty, ”I said.

Eye makeup - the secrets of perfect eye makeup

For the first time I saw her burning eyes and a great desire to check it here and now.

The first life hack she didn’t know about was to be. I rejoice.

For the second, I was calm. She didn’t know anything about him.

– Do you know what to do if glitter falls on your face? You take scotch tape and collect it like a vacuum cleaner all the sequins. At the same time, you do not spoil your face makeup and get rid of crumbling glitter. Cool, isn’t it?
– What are you … I’ve seen this a hundred times on the Internet. With this tape, I not only collect the excess, but also use it as a stencil. You yourself wrote about it in your blog, didn’t you?

Sitting. I remember. I wrote exactly. But when it was. He remembers!

Eye makeup - the secrets of perfect eye makeup

That’s it, you can’t screw up anymore. More sensitive information required. I have one in stock, like she has a problem with printing the eyeliner.

– Do you remember you swore first at the pencil, and then at the eyeliner, which was imprinted on the eyelid? Problem solved?

– Not a fig. It’s probably a sucking pencil or eyeliner.

– Do you degrease your eyelids before applying? Powder it up? Do you fix the pencil with dry shadows?

– Whoa whoa! Quiet. I didn’t do anything like that. What, was it necessary?

– Try and find out.

Eye makeup - the secrets of perfect eye makeup

Phew! It seems that we managed to compensate for the previous fail. I feel like I have grown in her eyes. I want to repeat the success and tell her about the last life hack, but before that I try to catch it.

– Do you often fail to shade? Well, there are spots, obvious boundaries, abrupt transitions.

– It happens. Often. And what?

– Do you use concealer to fix poorly shaded eyeshadows?

– Wow! We apply concealer under the eyes. Or are you kidding me?

– I’m serious. You pick up a concealer with a fluffy synthetic brush, remove the excess in your hand and erase the jambs with it like an eraser. The concealer will fix them in a couple of movements, and most importantly, it will allow you to finalize the shading with the shadows applied over the top. Great welcome, will save any Smokey Ice that didn’t take place.

Eye makeup - the secrets of perfect eye makeup

You should have seen this look. It was worth it to feel the power of knowledge.

Time has flown by. The clock showed 22:25, and it was still light outside the window. St. Petersburg White Nights are ideal for sharing life hacks with a friend.