19 August 2021

The profession of a make-up artist is still at the top. Nobody knows when she’ll be off the top?)

Makeup artist - the profession of a make-up artist

But, what I know for sure is what advice should be ignored for a novice makeup artist from others.

As soon as I remembered my first steps and the reaction of my acquaintances, a whole list of tips was drawn that I recall with horror. Go!

1. Once you get your diploma, then you will become a make-up artist.

Makeup artist - the profession of a make-up artist

Not a fig! I know a lot of makeup artists who have crusts and they never did. Did not work out. And those who came to this profession for the sake of curiosity, in order to try themselves in something new, have not let go of their hands for years.

2. Constantly improve your qualifications

Makeup artist - the profession of a make-up artist

Not necessary. Going to advanced training because others go is a road to nowhere. The desire should come from the desire to gain new knowledge from a specific teacher in specific courses of make-up. You should come to this idea yourself, and not under pressure from colleagues – why don’t you go to master classes?

3. First, collect the entire case, and only then become a make-up artistMakeup artist - the profession of a make-up artist

Not true. Makeup artist case is an abyss. You will always miss that very concealer and that very blush. The feeling that you haven’t bought enough cosmetics will never leave you. Focus on a basic makeup set that is essential for daytime and evening makeup. Everything else will gradually be bought in addition, and you will not notice how you assemble your case.

4. Work only on expensive cosmetics, and clients will be drawn to youMakeup Artist - Bad to Makeup Artist Advice

Oh, if luxury cosmetics were a guarantee of success and a guarantee of perfect make-up. Yes, there are clients for whom it is important that their face is covered with Chanel’s veil, and their eyes are painted with Dior shadows. But these are units. The majority will appreciate the result, but how and how is a secondary question.

5. Gain experience, and only then take money for your workMakeup Artist - Bad to Makeup Artist Advice

Experience is a loose concept. I still think that I do not have enough of it, and this is not slyness. To understand when you can start making money, you need to start.

Another question is how much will you charge for your work? Hardly full cost as a makeup artist with 5 years of experience?

6. Now all the makeup artists and you are there too

Makeup Artist - Bad to Makeup Artist Advice

Yes, this profession has become fashionable, so much so that now there are really only makeup artists, stylists, photographers around … All creative professions are overflowing. It is a fact! But I am for everyone to look for themselves in something and find. It’s worth trying in order to stop thinking about what you could, but did not do.

What kind of stupid advice is or has been given to you as an aspiring makeup artist?