A simple technique for applying shadows: a step-by-step photo tutorial


Simple technique of applying shadows - photo and step by step tutorial

A simple technique for applying shadows exists when you have an understanding of building a form. Let me explain now.

Last time I showed you how to apply shadows using pencil technique. Many of you have confessed that it is easier to work in the shadow technique. Then I promised to show you eye makeup with a similar sequence of actions, but without using a pencil. I show it.

Simple technique of applying shadows - photo and step by step tutorial

Eye makeup is a form of shading that can be set with any kind of eye product: cream eyeshadow, matte lipstick, pencils ..… Just do not forget about the important rules that I wrote about. here

The choice of products depends on convenience and habit. The main thing that you have to do is to build the form correctly. And it depends on the outer corner and the shading guide. Therefore, I start with this section.

With an open eyelid, I outline a guideline with purple shadows, and when closed, I extinguish the color to the center of the movable eyelid.

Everything that happens next does not matter much anymore, because we have a form. With what colors you will fill the movable eyelid – the decision is yours. I chose gold, and due to the pearlescent blue, I smoothly entered a matte purple color.

Always use pearlescent or satin textures to smoothly enter matte shadows.

The final touch is the work with a squirrel bristle brush. I feather the edges without touching the color depth so that it stays in the outer corner of the eye. If (at the last stage) you completely shade all the shadows with a brush, then you will lose the volume that you created at the very beginning.

Simple technique of applying shadows - photo and step by step tutorial

Here’s a simple technique for applying shadows. smile

For a beginner, it can seem difficult, so do not be afraid to repeat it from day to day in order to break out of the state of a beginner into the image of a girl who knows how to paint beautifully.

List of products used:


  • Makeup base Art-Visage Shining Art-Visage-Luminizer
  • Divage Luminous Illuminating Soft Foundation # 01
  • Eva Mosaic Eyes & Face concealer
  • Highlighter Smart Girl Highlighter Incredible Hollywood – BelorDesign




  • Liquid matte lipstick Relouis / Relouis NUDE Matte Complimenti # 18