19 August 2021

Yellow blush in makeup

Dripping is a trend that has no place in our everyday life. Well, camon, who’s going to use the dripping blush before going to work? This is a story about filming and the podium. But, if suddenly you wanted to repeat it, I will show you a step-by-step application technique.

The dripping trick is to apply blush in two colors: with some we create a sculpture, and the other with feathering. Essentially, thisO contouring, but only without using the shades familiar to him.

Apply a dark color along the cheekbones, and a light color on the protruding areas. For the look, I added blush to the temples and to the tip of the nose.

Dripping: step by step application technique

Dripping is a trend in face makeup

  • Prepare your skin thoroughly. Make sure your complexion is perfect as you draw attention to her. Therefore, pay more attention to it than usual.
  • Take a light shade of blush and work it on the cheeks and temples.
  • According to principle sculpting the face apply blush 2 shades darker along the entire cheekbone.
  • Using wet beauty blender blend the borders carefully. They don’t have to be clear.
  • Set creamy textures dry for long-lasting makeup.
  • The finishing touch is highlighter for the face.

How to adapt dripping to your daily life?

Color draping 2020 - face makeup, photo

Do not apply a deep blush to your temples, but only along your cheekbones and cheeks, this will be a light version of draping without judging others.

What products do you use in the dripping technique?

Both cream blush and dry blush will do. I used both textures for a wow effect. Otherwise, the flash of the studio light “breaks through” the makeup, and in the photo I will see indistinct dripping. In life, you can limit yourself to dry correction for someone with an oily skin type, and cream for those with dry skin.

List of used products

It took 40 years for the draping to return to the trend of 2016. And after another 3 years, he again began to be traced in the works of makeup artists and bloggers. True, this time they prefer yellow and orange shades.

What do you think about the relevance of this trend in life: to be or not to be?