The fall-winter 2019-2020 face makeup trends promote all types of makeup: from alien to nude. Makeup artists continue to create contrasting looks “Repulsive Glamor” versus “My Skin, But Better”.

One of the striking examples is makeup artist Diana Kendal. At the show of Rick Owens, she creates alien images, and already on the set of Tom Ford she paints rich Smokey Ice.

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

So what makeup trends will leave the catwalk and go to life, now we will find out!

This season, attention is paid to moisturized skin using bronzers.

The big responsibility falls on the eye shadow – to emphasize the femininity of the image. Pink and purple shades help with this. But about eye makeup trends next time. Today about face makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Trend # 1. Avant-garde makeup

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

The faces of the models literally “dip” in the shadows. Frightening images speak of the approaching end of the world, which we see at the Vivienne Westwood show and not only there.

Other make-up artists prefer watercolor shadows and splatter paint effects, which are a nod to post-apocalypse.

✔ How to repeat? Turn on your imagination and not be afraid of bold strokes!

Trend # 2. Makeup without makeup

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

If a designer wants to focus all the attention of the audience on the collection of his clothes, then he prefers this particular make-up technique. That is why we see the trend of “clean” skin from season to season.

✔ Concealer, lip balm and mascara are all makeup artists use to create this look.

Trend # 3. Dripping

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

I was sure that the interest in dripping would fade away. Already which season, this type of technology is kept in the top tendencies.

✔ Makeup artists touch the models’ faces with their fingers, choosing pale pink shades of blush, not forgetting about the cheekbones, temples and the tip of the nose.

Trend # 4. Bronze makeup

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Bronzer is more relevant than ever, not only in summer, but also in autumn! It is used so extensively that accents on the eyes and lips are abandoned in order to maximize the illusion of tanned skin.

✔ Makeup artists apply it just above the hollow, but below the natural blush, along the hairline and on the eyes instead of shadows. It turns out simple and fresh!

Trend # 5. Glowing skin

Facial makeup trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Winter is not the best time for your skin. It becomes dry and dull. Therefore, make-up artists create artificially glowing skin through cream products. Their goal: the effect of healthy, radiant skin.

✔ Hi, minimum of foundation, read, light water-based texture, neutral shades of eyeshadow and highlighter. With such a set of products, you are guaranteed to get into the top fall-winter 2019-2020 makeup trends.

So, we have a couple of trends that have a place in life: makeup without makeup, glowing skin and makeup in bronze tones. Which ones are you ready to repeat right now?

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