How to make smokey ice for brown eyes


How to make smokey ice for brown eyes

Finally, the ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette made it to my address, belittling the harsh Russian postal staff to let it into the Northern capital to show you how to make smoky ice for brown eyes.

And here she is, on my desktop. It has already had time to visit brushes for applying shadows and draw beauty in the form of light, and maybe not light smokey ice for brown eyes. We look.

How to make smokey ice for brown eyes

It may seem to you that 2-3 shades are involved in eye makeup. But this is not the case. There are more of them. Much.

Closed eyes

How to make smokey ice for brown eyes

This is the classic Smokey Ice light scheme, where we darken only the outer corner of the eye, and not the entire movable eyelid. A universal option that suits almost everyone.

Only shading should be soft, with a smooth exit from black to brown. Sharp boundaries are useless here.

How to make smokey ice for brown eyes

Step-by-step makeup tutorial

  • I always start Smokey Ice by coloring the crease of the eyelid. I usually do this with a brush made of goat hair, which perfectly picks up and gives off the color of the shadows.
  • With an eyeliner called kayal, I apply color to the outer corner of the eye. It should be soft and greasy in texture, but not waterproof, otherwise, hello, dirty shading.
  • We fix the pencil with a dry shadow of black color. This is done in order to secure the kayal, making it as resistant as possible. Do not hesitate with this step so that the pencil does not have time to gather in the crease of the eyelid.
  • With a flat brush, paint over the moving part of the eye with a warm light brown shadow color.
  • We bring the lower eyelid in a black shade.

Our Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes is ready!

Let me remind you once again what you should pay attention to when you decide to make Smokey Ice:

  • Start working from light to dark. This will make it easier to deepen the shadow color. If you start your makeup with dark eyeshadow, then it will be almost impossible to subtract the color.
  • Use the Smokey Ice Eyeliner to create maximum color depth. With shadows alone, you will need more time and effort.
  • If you suddenly made a stain and the shading is dirty, take a brush with concealer and gently brush it around the edges of the shading. This will correct the error and allow the eye makeup to continue.

So, I hope my post was helpful and you still want to master this technique without being intimidated by the steps. They are simple, if you approach the matter intelligently, and not just wave the brushes in different directions. Questions?