What to buy at Essence: TOP 6. Reviews for the best products!


What to buy at Essence: TOP 6

Not sure what to buy at Essence? Now I’ll tell you, because there is a mega-useful section on the air that kills two birds with one stone: you get a list of the best brand products with reviews on them. What could be cooler, huh?)

Essence brand history

While I was banging out at school discos under Hi-Fi, in 2002 the Essence brand appeared in Germany.

The assortment was so meager that it is better not to remember this time. Another thing now is huge stands with a bunch of cosmetics for all parts of the face and body.

Essence’s goal is to keep the price tag low. Their cosmetics should be available to every girl – this is how they saw the brand then and now.

But. Not all products are of “wow” quality. Therefore, you need to be selective in your choice. And for this you have me blush

So, what exactly is worth buying at Essence and not regret spending 100 rubles:

1. Powder compact Essence All About Matt!

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

Still dreaming of trying white powder, but still hesitating? This is a great budget option with which you will understand “is this your product or not”.

  • The white texture of the powder is absolutely invisible on the skin, so it is simply impossible to miscalculate with the color.
  • Natural coverage
  • Relief leveling
  • Fixing the foundation on the face
  • Features: demanding to apply, the layer of powder should be as thin as possible

Price: 300 rub.

2. Essence Matt touch blush

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

I have blogged more than once about the opportunity to save money on blush, if those are correctly selected. By the way, about the right choice of shade, read here.

  • Completely matte texture
  • Easy to blend
  • Economical consumption
  • Tactile texture
  • Highly pigmented
  • Do not get dusty
  • Features: neat handling of the package, otherwise it will fall apart in the first month of use

Price: 200 rub.

3. Essence Glazed Donut powdery highlighter

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

Light skinned, this product is for you! A pearly white glow will look harmonious on very light skin and vice versa, out of place on even slightly tanned ones.

  • Gentle grinding
  • Doesn’t accentuate skin texture
  • Persistent
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Features: the presence of small sequins

Price RUB 340

4. Lipstick Essence Insta-Care

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

My lovely pomade on every day. I can’t imagine my express makeup without her.

  • Contains vitamin E and 20% shea butter
  • Non-sticky texture
  • Hassle-free application
  • Doesn’t dry out lips
  • Uniform coverage
  • Convenient packaging
  • Features: unstable

Price RUB 200

5. Eyeshadow Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

When you want shine, but feel sorry for money – buy odnushku shadows and rejoice! You don’t “scold” this every day, but when the desire arises, you will have Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow.

  • Liquid chrome effect
  • Oily texture
  • Do not get dusty
  • Easy to apply
  • Features: a base is needed under the shadow, and for dark colors – substrate in the form of persistent pencil

Price RUB 300

6. Lip liner Essence Soft Contouring

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

If I had known about him earlier, I would not have spent on pencils from МАС Cosmetics… In the Essence line, you can find analogs in shades that you can forget about expensive lip pencils forever.

  • Soft lead
  • Excellent durability
  • Wide palette
  • Excellent color performance
  • Features: the ability to use instead of lipstick, painting over the entire surface of the lips

Price 90 rubles.

7. Essence eyeshadow palette

What to buy at Essence - reviews of the best products

One of Essen’s strengths is the eyeshadow palette. They launch new items so often that you just have time to finish one palette and start another. I recommend keeping track of them in order to find your palette among them.

  • Interesting color schemes
  • Competent combination of textures – matte and pearlescent
  • Bright, juicy shades
  • Highly pigmented

Features: some colors are dusty and crumble

Price: about 700 rubles.

This is how I see the list of Essence must-haves today. What is missing or, on the contrary, you think is superfluous – let me know in the comments wink