19 August 2021

Yellow blush in makeup

The trend for yellow blush in makeup has been going on since 2017, can you imagine? But until now, they can only be found on the faces of bloggers.

What is the secret to using yellow blush?

  • Well, firstly, this is not a blush, but the most common eye shadow in yellow. I have a lot of them, and after buying the “BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Color Palette” there are even more of them.
  • Secondly, yellow is the easiest color to shade. It does not take much time, since the shade lays down in an even layer without bald spots.
  • And thirdly, matte yellow blush gives a stunning blur effect. The skin looks smooth, the pores are not visible, the relief is even like a testicle.

Yellow blush in makeup

You can and even need to apply them not only on the cheeks and cheekbones, but also on the temples. If you want to deepen the color under the cheekbone, use an orange blush.

Yellow blush in makeup

Of course, it’s a bold move to “wear” yellow blush. They demand a thoughtful look from eye makeup to lips. Therefore, we pay attention to all the details so that the makeup will play as it should. yes

Yellow blush in makeup

List of used products:


CC-cream “CC Cream Lumene CC Color Correcting”

Maybelline New York Master Contour Sculptor in 01 Light

Palette BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Color Palette


Concealer NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Light 2 Vanilla

Mark Your Liquid Lips Matte # 27 – Natasha Denona (instead of a base under the shadow)

Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette – Natasha Denona

Beauty Bomb x Gev_Mua Kajal Family Resistant Eyeliner (Mucous)

Palette BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Color Palette

Pigment Make up secret Love story – Promise (inner corner of the eye)

Eyeliner Beauty Bomb “My bomb liner”


NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick 01 Honeymoon