20 August 2021

Makeup with arrows for brown eyes, makeup with arrows, Arrows on the eyes photo

Arrow Makeup for Brown Eyes is a story about purple eyeliner. She favorably emphasizes their color, rather than black eyeliner. But today is not about that, but about what shape the arrow should be in order to correct the eyes that are round in shape.

At one time I was so fond of shading shadows that I stopped drawing arrows. At all.

Then the subscribers on Instagram had a question: Ol, why don’t we like arrows? Confess!

Then I sat down … I started flipping through my feed and, indeed, discovered the absence of makeup with arrows.

I decided to return the title of “Passionate Switchman” and a week later the tape appeared solid make-up with arrows.

How did it happen? The shading is to blame.

  • She takes away from the arrow her job – to pull the shape to the temple. And today’s makeup is a vivid example of this!

Notice how the arrow visually transforms the round eyes into almond-shaped ones.

  • The trick works 100% if (!) Draw arrows from the center of the eye, and not from the inner corner. After all, most are for the classic arrow with a stroke for the entire eye.

Take it and try it out today. What if you like it?

List of used products




  • Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour # 91 Creme de Rose (instead of base under eyeshadow)