BB cream – what is, what for, how to use and apply (reviews)


BB cream is an infrequent guest on the blog. I decided to fix it and share with you all the information regarding BB-cream!

The history of the emergence of BB cream

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⚪️ The bb-cream formula was invented by the German doctor Christine Schrammeck in the 60s to restore the skin after cosmetic procedures, and not in Asia, as most people think. There he appeared a little later.

⚪️ In 1985, the first presentation of Blemish Balm took place in Korea

⚪️ In the early 2000s, the popularity of bb cream spread beyond Asia.

⚪️ And only in 2012 does it enter the Russian market.

What does bb-cream mean

⚫️ BB cream stands for “Blemish Balm Cream”, which means “Balm for imperfections”.

⚫️ In consistency, it resembles a moisturizer for the face. It is convenient to apply both with your hands and with a foundation brush.

Differences between BB cream and foundation

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  • According to its properties, bb-cream is a moisturizing cream with a toning effect.
  • In terms of composition, it is several times better than the classic foundation.
  • Unlike the base, it has the ability to adapt to the color of the skin, so the palette of most bb-creams consists of 1-3 shades.
  • It can replace a face primer and make an excellent makeup base.

Differences between European BB – creams from Asian

  • European bb creams aim for great camouflage. Therefore, their hiding power is higher, and the consistency is thicker.
  • The composition is so different from the Asian ones that the European BB-cream should be perceived as a foundation with a slight addition of caring components.
  • The palette of European BB – creams is much wider than Asian ones. This is due to the fact that they contain 80-90% of the coloring pigment, while the Asian contains 10-30%. Therefore, they adapt less well to skin color and require careful selection of the shade.

How to apply bb cream correctly: sequence of actions

BB cream, bb face cream, bb cream, bb face cream reviews

Can BB cream be applied to clean skin without cream, serum, or make-up base?

BB cream, bb face cream, bb cream, bb face cream reviews

  • Most bb-creams replace the stage of preparing the skin for the application of decorative cosmetics.

If you do not feel discomfort without additional products that you are used to applying before the usual foundation, then there is absolutely no need to overload the skin.

What to expect from bb cream

✔️ Skin Care

✔️ Medium disguise

✔️ Stealth

✔️ UV protection, which is present in every BB cream

✔️ Treatment of inflammation

✔️ Useful composition

How to apply BB cream

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☑️ There are several options, but the best way to apply is with your hands or a beauty blender. All work equally well, but each has its own characteristics.

☑️ If you apply with your hands, then pre-warm the cream by squeezing it onto the back of your hand. Apply to the entire face and gently massage over the massage lines.

☑️ Decided to apply bb cream with a sponge? Pre-moisten it and begin to apply with hammering movements, not rubbing the cream.

How to wash off BB cream

BB cream, bb face cream, bb cream, bb face cream reviews

  • Remember that in the absence of a thorough make-up remover, bb-cream can clog your pores!
  • Therefore, pay extra attention to removing your makeup. After all, this is one of the most persistent face products.
  • Manufacturers recommend removing bb-cream using hydrophilic oil.

Errors when using bb-cream

  • Do not try to mask problem areas with a thicker layer of bb cream. It is not intended to be 100% camouflaged. For these purposes, use a high-coverage foundation.
  • Choose BB cream according to your skin type.
  • Do not be alarmed when you see that the color of the cream did not match your skin tone. Give it time to shrink. After 15 minutes, it will adjust and become invisible.

Ways to use bb cream

  • Like foundation, bb cream can be combined with different types of products. For example, with a day cream. In 1: 2 proportions, mix bb with day cream and you will see a more transparent coverage and additional hydration.
  • Looking for a radiant skin? Take a liquid highlighter and mix it with bb cream (1: 3).

Bottom line: I don’t know if you managed to let this useful product into your life or not, but after this article you should at least be interested in it and wait for the review “The best BB cream for different skin types – TOP 5”.