Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

Have you noticed how fast Belarusian cosmetics appear in shopping centers ?! If a year ago I only heard about Belarusian cosmetics, today I meet it at every step.

Belarusian cosmetics are modest stands, as from the past.

No pathos, intrusiveness of consultants and sidelong glances of the guards. All this greatly simplifies the buying process, that I managed to buy the bestsellers and tell you about them in everyone’s favorite heading. Go!

Belarusian cosmetics – TOP 7

1. Liquid matte lipstick Relouis / Relouis Nude Matte Complimenti

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

The trend for matte lips has not bypassed Belarusian manufacturers and they have released their own version of this product. Yes, such that you can get cool properties for 200 r:

  • texture – mousse, which means quick and easy application
  • excellent durability
  • a handy companion, which is very important for applying matte lipstick
  • comfortable to wear
  • Cons: emphasizes peeling and other flaws that indicate poorly maintained lips

2. Mascara Belita-Viteks / Bielita Luxury Argan Oil

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

I know, I promised to never write reviews on mascara again. The brush is an individual thing, as I wrote about here… But. The very fact that mascara gets up for its 300 rubles is impressive:

  • does not crumble
  • as part of Argan oil
  • after months it does not dry out
  • comfortable brush shape
  • suitable for daytime makeup without mega-volume and super-length
  • Cons: A silicone brush that doesn’t fit all lashes.

3. Powder sculptor Luxvisage Ideal Sculpting Powder

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

I don’t know anyone who would not be looking for analogs of expensive sculptors among the mass market.

And all because the difference between a gray-brown shadow for 2.500 and for 200 r will be felt only by you, but no one will see it. The main thing is a well-chosen shade. And there is one in the Luxvisage Ideal Sculpting Powder line:

  • the presence of a cold gray-brown color
  • medium pigmented, which allows you to adjust the degree of saturation
  • persistent
  • Cons: cheap and flimsy packaging, dusty

4. Lip liner with vitamin E Relouis / Relouis

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

Another product that you can save a lot on is a lip liner. I see no need for luxury versions when there are excellent analogs.

  • highly pigmented
  • persistent
  • comfortable to wear, which can be worn solo instead of matte lipstick
  • does not break when sharpening
  • Cons: small palette of 14 shades

5. Blush compact LILO Like My Cheeks

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

One of the most commonly used products is, of course, blush!

If you use a foundation or powder (instead of it), then it is better not to go outside without blush. You have to define the cheekbones / cheekbones to restore the bump to the face that it lost after toning. And why not do it with LILO Like My Cheeks:

  • fine grinding
  • velvety texture
  • excellent color performance
  • matte finish
  • natural covering
  • Cons: there are only 4 shades in the line

6. Highlighter Belor-Design / BelorDesign Smart Girl Highlighter Incredible Hollywood

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

Dreaming of a delicate glow? Then you just need this product.

He stands out from all the others in the following qualities:

  • natural shades, read: smoothly enters the skin color
  • lack of glitter, which is surprising for the budget version of the highlighter
  • gentle grinding
  • large volume
  • creamy texture
  • Cons: so-so packaging

7. Powder in balls Relouis / Relouis Silk Touch

Belarusian cosmetics must-haves reviews on hits

Every second brand wants to repeat the success of the Guerlain meteorites and … does not repeat it.

You will never find a 100% analogue. But for those who are interested in the format of the balls, they can pay attention to Relui:

  • nice glow
  • silky finish
  • ideal for daytime makeup
  • Cons: inconvenient packaging

So why is Belarusian cosmetics gaining popularity?

The answer is obvious: because it is budgetary.

Not everyone can afford luxury cosmetics, where both the best and the failed makeup products can be found. Therefore, it is psychologically easier to give 200 rubles. for something that did not fit, more than 10 times more.

Why do you think Belarusian cosmetics are so popular? And what are the best products for you?

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