Colored makeup with arrows – an original idea (photo)


Colored makeup with arrows, Makeup and arrows on the eyes, Makeup with arrows photo

Colored makeup with arrows is one of my favorite looks that I often show on my blog. You don’t mind?

I know that a large number of colors can scare a beginner. Show me this makeup 5 years ago, I would not have believed that I would ever be able to do this.

I have one secret that I have shared more than once, so it’s difficult to call it a secret.

“In short, I didn’t know how to combine colors. At all! Maximum 3 colors.

I didn’t understand how and where to apply them, what shade to blend into another, with what brushes, in what order … There were so many questions that it seemed unrealistic to me to create makeup using more than 3 colors.

❗️ It pissed me off terribly! The lack of understanding of this issue was annoying and I directed all my efforts to the study of this topic. I started practicing every day and setting new goals, adding more and more colors to my makeup.

⁉️ In general, you can continue to believe that I have some kind of magical ability to combine 8-10 colors in one makeup, or see in me a person who did not know how to combine a large 3 colors and only dreamed of real colored makeup …

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