Creative eye makeup – how to use simple makeup techniques


Creative eye makeup, eye makeup photo, creative eye makeup for photo shoot

Creative eye makeup is about freedom of action. Such that the line between creative and ordinary makeup is too thin. Where creative makeup begins and ends is a difficult question.

Is today’s makeup creative or not?

Let’s take it apart.

  • Color? Yes. You can’t call it monochromatic.
  • Complicated? Well, definitely not easy
  • Incomprehensible? Not a fact, but the likelihood of remaining incomprehensible is also high.

What is responsible for the creative eye makeup here?

Colored eyeshadows with feathering up to the eyebrow paired with arrows and a bunch of glitter on the movable eyelid – isn’t that enough to make eye makeup creative? In my opinion, quite.

Creative eye makeup, eye makeup photo, creative eye makeup for photo shoot

There is not a single unused site in front of our eyes.

  • I took all the chances of everyday life from this eye makeup. Why you are unlikely to be able to apply what you saw in life.

But to look at how and in what way you can use colors will definitely not be superfluous.

  • After all, creative eye makeup is not always about strokes, paints, complex and incomprehensible shapes.

Sometimes it’s just shading shadows, an arrow, and even a classic move – a dark outer corner and a light inner one.

My goal today is to show you how simple elements that are already used in regular eye makeup can become part of creative makeup.

I hope I managed to inspire you and give you food for thought. smile

List of used products:





  • Lime Crime Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipstick – Sroom