Everyday makeup for brown, gray, blue, green eyes



Everyday makeup for brown, blue, green and gray eyes is not a frequent guest on the blog. Previously, I rarely denoted the belonging of this or that makeup to a certain category, for example, “makeup for every day”.

✅ But after analyzing, I realized that it is much more convenient for the reader to navigate the blog when there is a clear division.

Since then, instead of “makeup of the day” I write “everyday makeup”, “day makeup” and the like.

Makeup for every day is done by the palette and the chosen technique of applying shadows.

If everything is clear with the shades – we use muted shades, then difficulties can arise with the application technique.

✅ To avoid them, do not forget about the rules for applying shadows, about the competent choice of a base under the shadows and about how to draw arrows. It depends on how clean and neat the eye makeup will turn out.

Well, practice, of course).


List of used products: