Facial concealer – types, how to use correctly, what to apply


Face concealer

Concealer clogs in wrinkles and does not mask imperfections? Then this article is for you! We will look at the main mistakes that absolutely everyone makes.

What is concealer for?

For encryption. Nobody cares about your bruises. And it doesn’t matter where they are from: from nature or from a sleepless night.

These are mine from birth. Two concrete grooves with blue. I’m cool without them, and with them the devil knows what. Hence my right to tell you how to deal with them without cucumbers and potatoes. Let’s leave them for dinner.

And it’s a no brainer that concealer is a cosmetic product.

They came up with unfortunate people for us – with two bruises under the eyes. Hides them well if you choose the right shade.

How to choose the right concealer for concealing under eye circles?

How to choose the right concealer to conceal under eye circles

It is absolutely pointless to mask pronounced blue-violet bruises with a colorless bleaching concealer. You won’t solve the problem with it. She will stay. It will just look a tone lighter.

Therefore, makeup artists use colored concealers to cover dark circles.

The blues overlap with peach pigment.

Face concealer

Blue-violet yellow.

Face concealer

Remove age spots with a purple concealer.

Face concealer

Pink neutralizes the greenish tint.

He is very cunning. Don’t use it to disguise blue, as pink + blue = purple

Pink face concealer

It’s simple.

Therefore, we take this into account before buying it, and not after. Many people ignore the topic with shades of concealers, which is why they continue to suffer from bruises even after they are masked.

Types of concealers

Opacity depends on the type of concealer.

The first type is a concealer-water with minimal overlap of imperfections.

  • The consistency resembles a foundation fluid.
  • Pros: very easy to blend.
  • Light to medium camouflage.

Eva Mosaic Eyes & Face concealer

Eva Mosaic Eyes & Face concealer

The second type is cream paint with a high coating density.

  • It differs from the previous type by 100% concealment and durability.
  • Requires careful preparation in the form of moisturized skin around the eyes.
  • Fast fixing prevents long-term enjoyment. It takes speed and skill.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Concealer Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

The third type is a pigment with reflective particles.

Face Concealer YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter Brush

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter Brush

  • One of the most undemanding concealers to apply.
  • The consistency is a light emulsion.

As you already understood, the choice depends on the task that you set for yourself: slightly disguise, completely block or divert attention from the problem.

How to use concealer?

How to use concealer

  • Do not follow Instagram bloggers who paint the sun around their eyes to mask imperfections. This is the wrong way!

Yes, it works great for photos. Wow – the effect is guaranteed. But! In daylight, you will be intimidated by the layer of plaster.

There is no need to paint over a bruise with the same even amount of concealer. After all, a bruise has the darkest place and the lightest. You need to start with the dark.

How to properly apply concealer under the eyes?

How to properly apply concealer under the eyes

  • The first brush stroke is the darkest part of the problem.
  • The second movement is to blend the concealer.
  • The third is product stretching. Make sure that the remainder of the concealer is evenly distributed along the under-eye area.

Mistake # 1

Concealer application site

How to properly apply concealer under the eyes

This is the most important point – do not apply concealer along the lower eyelid. This is a fatal mistake! Hence the most common problem – concealer clogged in wrinkles.

This will not happen if you miss this ozone, leaving it untouched.

There are no bruises along the lower row of eyelashes. He is in another part. There we are engaged in disguise.

Mistake # 2

Apply concealer before foundation

Mostly beginners admit it. It must be applied after the foundation.

Mistake # 3

Use foundation instead of concealer

Use foundation instead of concealer

These are two completely different products. Many people see the catch, believing that concealer is a marketing ploy and that you can use a regular “tonak”. No!

  • The concealer is selected separately for a specific task to solve a specific problem.

Error # 4

Concealer too thick

Do not try to completely mask bruises with a light-textured product. Change it to a different look, with a denser texture, as I wrote about above.

How to apply concealer?

How to apply concealer

It all depends on the consistency: thick concealers are better shaded with your fingers, and light concealers are better shaded with a brush.

  • Sometimes it turns out cooler in tandem: we apply with a brush, and blend with a finger or a beauty blender.

Life hacks of makeup artists for using concealer:

Life hacks of makeup artists on using concealer

  • Concealer is a great eraser! Yes, the one that corrects the shortcomings: dirty shading, uneven arrow, curved lip contour. Use it to make adjustments by changing the brush for each task. You will like the result. Promise!
  • Use a beauty blender to tint your lips with concealer. This will not only prolong the durability of the lip makeup, but also overlap their natural pigment, which will affect the brightness of the lipstick.
  • Well, the most common life hack is to apply concealer under the eyebrow growth line. The main thing is to carefully shade it so that the border is not obvious and readable.

Phew, it seems, she has not forgotten anything. But if you suddenly missed something, then make a discount on the fact that the article was written at 1:59 am under the husband’s questions: well, are you there for a long time?