20 August 2021

Melamine sponge

In the state of Florida, it is forbidden to beat more than three plates in one day. If the ban was on pigment jars, I would be the first to leave Florida.

  • Their steady decline is no longer an accident, but a pattern. The question is: what upsets me more – the loss of loose shadows or their cleaning? The answer is obvious.

If I had a magic napkin that coped with cleaning up broken pigment and other cosmetics, I would be the first to tell you about it.

And she appeared! I’m telling you.

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge

Tell me that there will be a review on the melamine sponge on the blog, I would dislike it for the ridiculousness of the comment. And here it is – an article about melinite sponge

I think everyone should have SUCH a sponge, not just me.

The miracle sponge will relieve not only scattered shadows, but also all types of cosmetics.

Melamine sponge

Many of you have made a nice compliment to me. my desktop.

His sterility made a strong impression on you. White cabinets and a white table are the perfect color for all types of cosmetics. It gets dirty easily and quickly.

And if I have conceived a creative make-up, then there should be paints not only on the face, but also on the table, drawers that have to be pulled out during the make-up process. The melamine sponge also copes with them.

  • One swipe and your table will shine without additional detergents! Even mirrors will appreciate her presence. No streaks, stains, only sterile cleanliness.

She is also good at washing glue from price tags on cosmetics.that takes nothing.

How Melamine Sponge Works

It absorbs stains, pulling dirt out of them. However, it does not scratch or damage the surface.

And she is also capable of removing such types of stains as:

  • oven, microwave, refrigerator, extractor hood;
  • plaque and lime on bathroom appliances;
  • floor and wall coverings;
  • glass and mirror surfaces;
  • vehicle interior;
  • soft furniture;
  • contamination with coloring agents on any surfaces;
  • fabrics, clothing, footwear

Melamine sponge

  • How to use: wet with warm water.
  • Shelf life: as soon as the sponge begins to crumble and loses its shape, then it’s time to get rid of it.
  • How to sterilize a sponge: put in the microwave for 1 minute. Microbes will be destroyed, and the sponge itself will be empty.
  • Where to buy melinite sponge: at any hardware store.

Melamine sponge

In short, I had to tell you about her in order to hear later: Ol, why had I been silent before! ”