20 August 2021

Interesting arrows on the eyes, makeup with arrows on the eyes of a photo, arrows ideas

You have noticed how difficult it is for me to give titles to articles. I have already tried all the variants of make-ups that can be attributed to arrows “Unusual arrows in the eyes”, “Creative arrows”, “Bright arrows” … So I got to “Interesting arrows in the eyes”.

Let’s figure out what is so interesting about them.

☑️ First, the form.

The top line is slightly overstated, which visually opens the eye.

☑️ Second, connections

The illusion that the arrow has no beginning or end looks interesting. The connection of all the lines in the inner corner looks unusual.

☑️ Thirdly, the active participation of the mucous membrane of the eye

The inner eyelid plays an important role. It is a continuation of the arrow.

In my opinion, there are enough reasons to “call” makeup interesting.

What do you think? smile

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