I want to tell you about makeup for blue eyes, or rather, about how to enhance the color of blue eyes. It so happened that everyone picks up shadows to match the color of the eyes, well, or almost everything.

Makeup for blue eyes is associated with such common shades as golden, burgundy, brown shadows.

Karim’s eyes were more fortunate. They are allowed to “wear” blue, green and even purple shades.

Makeup for blue eyes, makeup for blue-eyed girls photo

Difficulties arise in blue eyes. They are intimidated with horror stories, how this or that color of the shadow will disfigure their eye makeup.

If I had my way, I would spank all these connoisseurs with a brush! The biggest one. True, I have this, but for the sake of punishment I would have it made on a special order in Japan, where Hakuhodo’s brushes are stamped. And at the same time, the brush would have entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest. Stop! I got carried away.

Well, now, we don’t need to rub in about pink, blue or other shadows that “bam” and ruin the makeup for blue eyes. Take pink for example. Everyone is afraid of him! And the color of the eyes has nothing to do with it.

Makeup for blue eyes – how to enhance the color of blue eyes

Why is your fear in vain

  • First, pink is different. Exist about 15 shades of pink… Which one are we talking about: the color of a pink cloud or the color of a pink orchid? I am sure that you have used the color of a crystal rose more than once and did not even know about its presence on your eyes.
  • Secondly, no one talks about painting over the entire eye with pink shadows. It can be a pearlescent creamy pink color in the inner corner or matte “pink marshmallow” in the crease of the eyelid, where it smoothly turns into purple.
  • Thirdly, pink is ideal for bringing color shadows to skin color. Ask blue or purple. They are in the subject).

So what is it all about? Do not look sideways at colors that you once decided to make inappropriate for your eye shade. Make the most of them by changing the position and adding contrasting combinations, as in the example above – the blue kayal on the inner eyelid.

In general, watch how others do it and wave your pen to all prejudices like this “forbidden shades for blue eyes”. Deal?

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