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I love a mess and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have not asked for a long time: Ol, where am I going like this? Apparently accustomed to unusual makeup, and the answer – nowhere – is obvious to you. Although…

With such unusual eye makeup, can you go to the bathroom?

Walk slowly, like in slow motion and wear your makeup as if you are a piece of art!) Then there is at least some sense in what I sometimes show on the blog.

  • I have no misconceptions about you. I’m sure 70% will prefer daytime makeup to this makeup, and it’s clear why.

But when I was in your place and was “sick” with makeup from the side, watching other makeup artists, I liked the works from the “I see it that way” series.

Therefore, I am in favor of broadcasting all makeup options. Indeed, in each of them you can find something interesting for yourself. Do you agree?

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