Why foundation oxidizes, rolls and clogs pores!


In one article, I decided to collect the most exciting questions about the foundation: why does it oxidize, roll down, clog pores and apply spots! Are you ready to hear the answers?

Why does foundation oxidize?

Foundation, Foundation clogs pores, Oxidized tonac

Many are familiar with a foundation that darkens after a couple of hours.

In the morning you are white-skinned, and by lunchtime chocolate laugh

I, of course, exaggerate, but darkening 1-2 tones is real if the tonal base is oxidized.

What is the reason?

  • Some are convinced that the acid-base balance is to blame, the second is in improper storage of the tone, and the third see the reason in the composition, where there is titanium dioxide. All three options are valid.

What to do if the foundation darkens after a while?

Popular advice – using a makeup base – doesn’t work. Most people observe oxidation with or without a base. Therefore, manufacturers recommend buying a base that oxidizes to a tone lighter.

Why does foundation roll off

Foundation, Foundation clogs pores, Oxidized tonac

There are several versions. By eliminating them, you can find a solution to this problem:

  • Incorrectly selected care.

Not all creams are suitable as a base for make-up, which can cause problematic application of the foundation. Try replacing the cream with lighter textures (like serums) and compare the results.

  • Incompatible products

Some people use a silicone-based primer and an aqueous foundation. This creates a conflict, and as a result, the foundation rolls off.

  • You applied too much moisturizer

If you are used to a “good” layer and do not want to replace the cream with lighter textures, then after it has been absorbed, go over with a cotton pad soaked in tonic. You will remove the excess cream and you can start applying the foundation.

Why foundation clogs pores

Foundation, Foundation clogs pores, Oxidized tonac

The most popular question that causes fear in the eyes of novice users is whether or not to be tone on the face. The fear of clogged pores is so strong that many people stop using foundation.

In reality, the pores are not clogged from the foundation, but from improper makeup removal.

If you ignore the stages of skin cleansing, which I wrote about here, then after a couple of days the skin will react with rashes. Especially if you are using persistent foods.

Why foundation stains

Foundation, Foundation clogs pores, Oxidized tonac

The first and most common reason – improperly selected foundation.

Alas, manufacturers do not consider it necessary to indicate on a jar of cream which type of skin it is suitable for.

Whoever buys a base for the first time believes the inscription “for all skin types”.

  • But they have not yet come up with that “magic” cream that suits absolutely everyone. Therefore, a careful selection of the product, taking into account your skin type, is a must!

The second reason – the cream or base did not have time to be absorbed. Excess cream should be soaked with a napkin, otherwise it will cause an uneven tone on the face.

Third reason – too thick layer of tone. Apply the cream pointwise, or pick up the base from your hand, but do not pour the tone on your face in any way, as the instagram videos demonstrate.

What other questions do you have when using foundation – let me know in the comments