21 August 2021

Makeup stereotypes

The rules that were once invented by someone still prevent us from getting a buzz from makeup. These are the stereotypes about makeup. Let’s talk about them.

Here they are, the most common stereotypes, from which it is time to get rid of!

1. Focus on either the eyes or the lips

Make-up stereotype

  • Are you serious? But what about contrasting combinations – orange lipstick and green smokey ice!? One color against the background of the other only wins. See more examples here and forget about this rule forever!

2. Smokey Ice is not for everyone!

Makeup stereotypes

  • I’ll tell you more: incorrectly executed Smokey Ice does not suit anyone at all! If you lifted or lowered the shading; the lower eyelid was too thick; the shades were not thought out in advance – then yes, this stereotype will be. And to overcome it, it is enough to study my basic articles on Smoky Eyes in the blog.

3. Arrows + drooping eyelid = dislike

Make-up stereotype

Yes, if you are trying to repeat the makeup with the arrows that you saw on someone who is far from drooping eyelid… With an open movable eyelid, the arrow looks “wow”, and its tip is envy.

  • What to do when the movement is hidden behind the skin of the upper eyelid? Draw a thin arrow without a long tail so that it does not look like a worm sticking out from under the fold. Read more about this. here

4. The makeup artist knows exactly what kind of makeup suits you!

Makeup stereotypes

Alas, not always. Many make-up artists distort the image beyond recognition, choose the wrong shades, illiterately build a form that the client faints from the makeup he sees. Who does not fall, he silently runs away from the “master” and is afraid to meet friends on the way home. And they, as luck would have it, meet.

  • If you are lucky and the makeup artist will be able to choose the makeup that suits you, then write down his phone number, or better the address, so as not to lose contact with him)!

What are the stereotypes about makeup that are getting in your way?