Arrows on the eyes: 6 rules and 6 beginner mistakes


Last week I said “How to draw arrows on the eyes”. On this I plan to analyze the mistakes that most of you make.

Straight to the point.

Mistake # 1. Unpainted eyelash

Arrows on the eyes

The lash line plays an important role not only in Smoky Eyes makeup, but also in the construction of the arrow.

If you forgot about this step, you will see gaps between the eyelashes that separate the arrow from the eye. It looks far from “wow”. The arrow looks like a separate line.

How to fix the error

We carefully paint over the space between the eyelashes. I dedicated to this topic separate article

Mistake # 2. Wrong direction of arrow

Arrows on the eyes

Many people underestimate the tail of the arrow, which is why the effect of “sad” eyes is guaranteed. You will learn how it looks from the article “Arrows for the impending century, like Hollywood stars!”

The task of the arrow is to visually raise the eyes, and not vice versa. The downgraded arrow option will ruin your eye makeup and goodbye, the arrows of my dreams!

How to fix the error

In order not to miss and not draw an understated arrow, apply a brush from the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner of the eye and draw a tail in this direction. Read more about this. here

Mistake # 3. Ponytail pulled up

Arrows on the eyes

To bully the arrow and lead it into the crease of the eyelid is a dead end. Your task is to bypass the crease, not to rest against it.

What to do?

We lead the tail of the arrow to the point where the fold ends.

Mistake # 4. Draw arrows with closed eyes

Arrows on the eyes

The most common mistake!

Yes, these will be perfect arrows with downcast eyes. But as soon as you pick them up, you will see arrows breaking the shape of the eyes.

How to fix?

We outline the tail of the arrow with the eyes open. Then we outline its connection with the main line, as I showed in the photo. here. And only when the arrow is drawn can you paint over it with your eye closed.

Mistake # 5. Pull back the skin of the eyelids

Arrows on the eyes

Many people repeat this life hack for bloggers – they pull the outer corner of the eye to the temple and draw an arrow. And then they wonder why, when returning to the initial position of the eyelid, the arrow is not at all the same shape.


This method works great when the arrow is already drawn and you need to adjust its shape by extending the ponytail towards the temple.


You can learn how to draw arrows if you pay attention to details and nuances.

Do not look at the nimble and quick movements of bloggers / makeup artists who overwhelm you with their skill, and do not prompt you to action.

Walk towards perfect shooters slowly, step by step, making and correcting mistakes. And then they will become your favorite eye makeup, not a disappointment.

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