21 August 2021

Bad makeup

Bad makeup is much worse than Freddy Krueger! It can be defeated, but bad makeup is unlikely …

It is difficult to fix makeup that “got up on the wrong foot”. Explaining to myself why yesterday the eyebrows were painted symmetrically, and the arrows are perfectly straight, is beyond even me.

  • Are you sure I always wear the perfect makeup? Well no! There are also acne attacks, by the way, now they are on me and say hello to yours, if any)!

And a tone that does not fit well because peeling appeared from the country “hell knows where”, and the shadows that did not want stew… Anything can happen.

Bad makeup

Bad makeup is knocking on everyone’s door. Perhaps mine is not as often as yours, but it knocks. I start it up reluctantly, but I understand: thanks to him, I know the price of a successful make-up!

Yes, yes, the phrase “everything is learned in comparison” is banal, but here it is very useful.

Therefore, you should not shy away from not always ideal arrows and run to the bathroom.

Believe me, millimeters of your failure will seem like good makeup to someone. People around you do not always care about the length of your arrows and the width of your eyebrows. It is much more important in what mood you “wear” this makeup.

If it depends directly on the perfection of the makeup, then you are in! So you can’t: let bad makeup take over you!

Bad makeup

And to prevent this from happening, take it with all the jambs (of course, within reason) and let it be on your face, at least for the sake of a change. Let him be as real and alive as you!

Only with an unsuccessful makeup will you go from start to finish and be able to improve your technique.

If you admit defeat and quit painting simply because you are faced with imperfect makeup, then you are the loser here. He’s a winner!

Bad makeup

How do you feel about unsuccessful makeup? What are your actions: wash everything off or leave it as it is?