21 August 2021

Best mascara

For me, the best mascara is 3 in 1: it lengthens, creates volume, does not crumble.

It is not a fact that my list will be a discovery for you, but it will be useful for those whom nature has “awarded” thin and rare eyelashes.

I chose the best mascara in 3 categories: mass market, luxury and just color mascara.

They are able to transform them and remind others that I still have eyelashes.

1. Budget mascara Gurmandiz Non-Stop Volume Mascara

Best mascara

Budget find. So cheap, read, 200 rubles, that you can change it every month. But there is no need. Competently selected volume does not allow it to dry out ahead of time. Ends at the very moment when it’s time.

  • The brush is classic. No know-how, just mascara for just eyelashes (music from the TV series “Just Maria” laugh ).

You won’t get mega volume and length from it, as well as crumbling lumps under the eyes after 10 hours of “socks”. For this I love.

2. Colored mascara with the effect of false eyelashes PUPA Vamp! Mascara retro illusion

Best mascara

Whoever would say that colored ink will appear in my favorites would be disliked for the inappropriateness of the comment. And she took it and appeared.

  • Everything came together: brush, volume and color, which I still cannot describe. Although no, I can: azure gray (thanks google!)

If you decide to buy – hurry up. After all, she is from the limited collection Pupa Retro Illusion.

3. Luxury Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara

Best mascara

In the luxury class, the rating is headed by the best mascara Dior with a curling brush for eyelashes.

  • The cost allows you to rise in the eyes of others – everyone is looking at my eyelashes for 2.400 rubles! – and spend them every three months.

Any mascara serves exactly as much, fulfilling the declared qualities. It is a rare case when it withstands 6 months and continues to create the beauty of the eyelashes.

I am everything. And do not forget, the choice does not depend on the mascara itself, but on its brush (which I am talking about in detail wrote here)

What mascara do you remember in 2018 and are you ready to pick it up in 2019?