Bird of Paradise Eye Makeup: Get Creative


Many years have passed since #yavizazhist, and I am still interested in creating in the redistribution of eye makeup, and not just the face. And Bird of Paradise eye makeup is one of those.

And who says: eye makeup is boring! – he just doesn’t know me).

Each their work I prove the opposite.

My “eye makeup” includes all colors, textures and shapes! I won’t rest until I assign each site a role.

Eye makeup "bird of paradise"

  • The moving part has glare of different colors.
  • On a motionless one – displacement of forms and the struggle of contrasts between colors
  • And the lower eyelid echoes the upper part and requires the same attention due to color nuances

Each area is involved in eye makeup. And, it seems, I can’t do it any other way.

Although no, I can, of course, how here for example, or here here, but for the most part I am drawn to such make-ups. Only with them I feel free and independent.

This is how I see eye makeup today smile

List of used products:


  • Make up for ever Liquid Lift Foundation # 1
  • Blush theBalm Balm Desert Bronzer Blush
  • Highlighter for face reflective light PUPA Retro Illusion Highlighter