21 August 2021

Body oil – another scam or real benefit? You will find out now.

For many seasons, body oil has been in the top of personal care products. Go to the department of the cosmetic store “everything for yourself” and you will certainly be offered to buy body oil. To me – all the time.

And in order to understand how much you need it, let’s look at the following questions.

1. Why do you need body oil

Body Oil

  • Some need oil to have it (ritual and all that).
  • Others need a result that is obvious after using the oil, read, hydration and nutrition.

Body cream does not always save you from dry skin, especially in winter. Therefore, oil rushes to the aid not only of the body, but also to the hands, face and even hair.

2. How to use body oil

Body Oil

  • Apply the oil immediately after a shower to a steamed, damp body.
  • Blot excess with a napkin.
  • There should be 10 minutes in reserve. This is enough for the oil to be absorbed.

After that, the skin will respond with an instant “wow” effect!

3. Method of using body oil

Body Oil

Oil-universal is in trend.

Nobody wants to worry about buying oils for hair, body, face. Everyone wants 3 in 1 and they get it. From luxury to mass market, brands offer oil for all problems.

But. Not everyone meets the requirements. Some are not suitable for hair, even if the label says otherwise. You can only check this at home.

But the cuticle is always ready for contact with any oil: it will absorb without talking. Therefore, we give everything that did not fit the body to her).

4. What to choose body oil

Body Oil

  • Natural oils are at their peak. They are sold neat at every turn in glass jars.
  • Many people prefer them for one reason: economy.
  • They are much cheaper than ready-made emulsions + you yourself decide who and with whom to mix to get the desired effect.

5. The best body oil (reviews)

Body Oil

1. Caudalie Divine Oil

2. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

3. Body Oil L`Occitane Softening Almond

  • From all three I can see the result, as well as decent numbers on the check. The consumption is quite large. The oil runs out quickly, which means that funds will be debited from the card on a regular basis.

More than once I thought about buying natural oils for the sake of economy, but convenience and usefulness in one bottle are still decisive factors for me.

What relationship do you have with body oil:

  • I use it, but rarely
  • never tried
  • I can’t live without oil