Colored makeup with arrows on the eyes – photo


Smoky Ice with colored shadows

Smokey Ice with colored eyeshadow is my passion. Broadcasting to the masses how you can use the Smokey Ice technique to your advantage is my hobby)!

And to show you how Smokey Ice with colored shadows tends to the temple – the purpose of today’s article.

The lower eyelid in the same direction – tends to become a continuation of the arrow. To do this, I increase the thickness of the shadows by 2 times using a barrel brush. I use it for my lower eyeliner every time I need to carefully fill it in with shadows. It looks unusual.

If you leave the lower eyelid intact, the upper part will look heavy. Indeed, any Smokey Ice is based on a thorough study of the upper and lower eyelids at the same time. Plus, the lower eyelid helps to create the illusion of Smokey Ice extended to the temple.

  • Alas, clients do not allow doing this in front of their eyes, that when I come home, I compensate for this impossibility on myself! Thus, I take it out on myself).

At the same time I practice technique. By the way, about her. Only on myself did I understand the subtleties and nuances of different techniques.

  • Due to the lack of a brake, I can afford to draw anything, and at the same time figure out how to come to this or that result.

Therefore, makeup artists who neglect themselves, believing that only the model and clients need to paint, lose a lot.

Challenge yourself and start practicing on yourself for 100 days, as I did a year ago. Remember?

You will see, it can end up with tremendous experience …

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