21 August 2021

Have you noticed how often I show creative makeup and almost never show it step by step. No, I don’t mind showing the whole process. I am always in favor of sharing information. It’s different …

Creative make-up is a creative process, which means it is fascinating.

When you are going to record all the stages step by step, you forget about them in half an hour. Time for creative makeup, wow, how fast it flies!

Therefore, I have a bunch of step-by-step creative make-ups, where I manage to fix the first two steps, and all the subsequent ones, as if in a fog. Coming to my senses at the very end, I am upset that I missed these moments.

Only once did I manage to shoot a creative makeup step by step – Halloween makeup. And the second time – in front of you.

Creative makeup step by step, creative makeup

Creative makeup: step-by-step application scheme

  • I painted the eyebrows using regular colored shadows.
  • To emphasize their iridescence, I applied a transparent top coat with glitters on top (see the list of products below).
  • The brow space and the inner corner of the eye were highlighted with a highlighter.

Creative makeup step by step, creative eyebrow makeup

Regarding the cheekbones, the main thing here is to start with the lightest color of the shadows, that is, yellow. Then you calmly blend in all subsequent colors without spots and clear boundaries.

But the most important thing in creative makeup is the tone of the face.

  • It is better to apply it in a thick layer so that the shading looks flawless. If I applied thin, it would not look so perfect and clean. Therefore, if you suddenly decide to create a creative, then apply a tone denser than usual. Creative makeup loves well-prepared skin. Delicacy is useless here.

I don’t know how useful this information is for you, but for the sake of general development, why not know how to do creative makeup step by step

List of used products (with links to reviews):


  • Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation # 10
  • Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer # 03
  • Viseart 08 Editorial Brights Matte Eyeshadow Palette (As color blush)