Everyday makeup step by step, photo – lesson, instructions from the makeup artist


Another “Daily Makeup” topic that was not covered in the blog. Why? Because I was so fond of makeup, which is far from everyday makeup, that I forgot about the simple, but everyone’s favorite option.

But before demonstrating everyday makeup, I will explain what I mean by this type of makeup.

  • Simplicity, which means a minimum of cosmetics, no complications (read: no different types of substrates);
  • Everyday life – that is, makeup for every day. Office, study, walk – it is appropriate everywhere!

So the idea of ​​a make-up was born, which would reflect the essence of the everyday version.

Daily makeup, How to apply everyday makeup step by step, everyday makeup

We will need:

  • Base under the shade
  • Matte shadows – 2 shades

And no bottom eyeliner, arrows and other complicating stages of makeup. Hence the effect of rejuvenating me by 5 years. Well, okay, maybe I bent it, but will I pull it by 28?)

Now a step-by-step application scheme and how I see everyday eye makeup

Everyday makeup step by step, everyday makeup

  • We start from the outer corner. Apply gray matte eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid. As soon as we reach it, we blend the color upward, expanding the brush 90 degrees. That is, first we work with the “spatula” down, and then up. This technique will avoid clear boundaries.
  • A barrel brush is used. It is ideal for darkening the outer corner. Take a bigger and more fluffy brush – the dark color will go beyond the crease and goodbye, everyday eye makeup.
  • Then apply a delicate peach color from the outer corner of the eye towards the center. It pairs well with gray shadows and does not require an intermediate color for a smooth transition.
  • Highlight the inner corner with a beige shade and this is where the eye makeup ends.

As for the face makeup, I chose:

  • light texture of foundation
  • abandoned the sculpturing color of the powder, replacing it with a light pink blush (yes, this color “light pink” exists)
  • highlighted lips with lipstick lip color (without pencil)

The rejection of clear and sharp lines not only in eye makeup, but also on the face will make the image delicate and airy.

How do you imagine everyday eye and face makeup? I’m waiting in the comments.

List of used products (with links to reviews):


  • Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation # 10
  • Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer # 03
  • Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette 01 Darya