Fashionable evening make-up of your dreams: a unique look


Or maybe not your dream, but fashionable evening make-up is so sure!) I generally wanted to call the image “disco-style make-up” or something like that, but I realized that this would limit your imagination. And why, when there is such a capacious definition as “evening make-up”.

  • Fashionable evening make-up includes all subspecies of make-up that can be attributed to evening – Captain Obvious told me in me And it can be anything: from a club to a dinner in a restaurant.

Of course, this option is difficult to imagine within the walls of a Michelin-starred restaurant … In other cases, SUCH evening make-up can be attributed to the nightlife. When the clubs do not close until the early morning and the evening starts at 12 o’clock at night.

Cinderella is not in danger, so we have no competition, which means we “give ourselves up” to pigments, colored pencils and a transparent jacket. laugh

Fashionable evening makeup for your dreams

  • It is better to collect your hair so that people around you check out this crazy, but thoughtful to the millimeter fashionable evening make-up.

It can be repeated by those who understand their eye shape (by the way, we will talk about it soon) and have certain skills. That is, he knows that pigments love a substrate (read about it here), and matte lipstick is good not only on the lips, but also on the mucous membrane of the eye.

In general, my task is to present the idea of ​​evening make-up, and how you will use it is up to you!

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