21 August 2021

Eyebrow brush

I was thrown into a fever from the thought that I have never! do you hear? never told you about an eyebrow brush. But eyebrows are our everything!

With the advent of a heap of eyebrow products, read: lipstick, powder, shadows, gel … – yes, I’m talking about eyebrows now – my idea of ​​brushes has changed.

Eyebrow brush

If earlier it could be one single eyebrow brush, today there are at least three!

The first is for dry shadows

  • Pile synthetics
  • Not very tightly typed
  • Diameter average

My choice: Mac 263 Small Angle

The synthetic bristles pick up and apply the product evenly and neatly.

Mac 263 Small Angle

The second is for lipstick

  • Pile – synthetics
  • Tightly typed
  • Slightly larger than average diameter

For example: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Angled Cut Brow Brush # 15

A flat beveled brush with synthetic fibers, ideal for applying eyebrow creams. The tip of the brush is suitable for creating hair-shaped strokes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Angled Cut Brow Brush # 15

The third is for liquid eyeliner

  • Pile – synthetics
  • Keg shape
  • Ideal for sparse, non-colored eyebrows
  • Diameter tiny

My love is a set Real Techniques Eye Smudge Diffuse Set

Both brushes are for eye makeup, but I sent them to the brow brushes and never regretted it. The brush has a unique tip with short, dense bristles. And its shape helps to blur the eyebrow liner, which allows you to create the illusion of naturally tinted eyebrows without clear boundaries.

Real Techniques Eye Smudge Diffuse Set

Now how to hold an eyebrow brush and use it correctly

Eyebrow brush

Don’t put pressure on the brush. The stronger the pressure, the clearer the lines. This must be avoided Therefore, hold the brush by the tip, not at the base, then your movements will be light, and the lines will be smooth.

By the way, about the movements! An important point that I described step by step here

Everything, the fever has passed and now I can rest assured that you are aware of the choice of brushes. yes

What’s your favorite eyebrow brush?