21 August 2021

Today I will show you how to draw freckles in a couple of minutes! Do you think anyone will guess about their fake? Not if you know a couple of secrets.

How to draw freckles is an interesting question. There are a lot of options, but we will focus on one.

But before that, let’s consider two important points.

1. How to draw freckles on the face

You can use shadows, a simple pencil, eyebrow gel and even matte lipstick – the main thing is the color!

If you don’t get the right shade, you will walk with strange spots on your face with the effect of problem skin. We do not need such “happiness” therefore we are puzzled by the search for a warm light brown shade. And this color turned out to be the easiest to find in … an eyebrow marker!

How to draw freckles - step by step photo tutorial

It turned out that the easiest way to find such a color is in … an eyebrow marker. You can draw freckles for them in a minute! Why a felt-tip pen?

Firstly, most of them are presented in the same shade for eyebrows – warm with redhead.

Secondly, it is persistent, an infection. Freckles will not care about accidentally touching your hands on your nose or cheeks. It will happen out of habit. I say exactly). Therefore, I settled on an eyebrow marker and advise you.

Which one? Better with a felt tip.

  • Brushes give small and uniform points. And the felt-tip pen allows you to change the size of the freckles, you just have to press or loosen the pressure on the marker.
  • I used long-lasting eyebrow marker Kiko Eyebrow Marker.

How to draw freckles, freckles on the face photo

2. How to draw freckles

  • The first thing you should do is google “freckle girl” and take a close look at where the real freckles are on redhead girls. As a rule, they are concentrated on the nose and diverge from it to the cheeks.
  • Therefore, we start with the nose and boldly poke it with a felt-tip pen.
  • It’s better to poke quickly without asking the question: where will my next point be? Then your freckles will look like real ones.
  • Do not forget to mark specific areas of the face: forehead, chin and temples. Give them a couple of points and that’s enough.

How to draw freckles - step by step photo tutorialI consider this method to be one of the simplest and most natural.

Coming from the sea, I paint on freckles and collect likes from friends. After their comments – freckles suit you very much! – I confess to their unnaturalness. Still, I do not like to deceive my own people, but very much even passers-by!

How to draw freckles, freckles on the face photo

Well, that you are ready to draw freckles for the sake of …, no, not for the sake of something, but just so that they are?)