21 August 2021

How to dye rare eyebrows is a request I received from you the other day. As it turned out, the topic is very relevant. And who, if not me, can tell about how to dye rare eyebrows, because mine is just one of those. Remember I used to show them here.

Eyebrow makeup is no longer a luxury. The trend for well-groomed eyebrows encouraged even the most indifferent to experiment. Hence the search for new means, methods and schemes, which sometimes take years to solve. For example, sparse eyebrows. Yes, this is a problem for staining.

  • Hair, of course, “take” gel for eyebrows, but what to do with the voids between them? And how, in general, to create the illusion of the thickest hair?

Therefore, eyebrow makeup consists of several stages that you may not have known about.

How to dye rare eyebrows: 4 life hacks

1. Apply concealer before makeup.

How to dye rare eyebrows

  • At first, concealer will increase the durability of the eyebrow product, working as a base.
  • And secondly, it creates the illusion of density, thickening the hairs.

To do this, take a non-liquid concealer (in my case, it is NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer), draw on a brush and go along the entire brow. Use your fingers to beat in the leftovers.

2. Feathering movements up

How to dye rare eyebrows

Start with the bottom line, not the top line.… This is necessary in order to extinguish the shadows from it with upward movements.

This will maximize the natural look with smooth, borderless feathering. You will learn more from the step-by-step diagram that I showed here

3. Imitation of hairs

How to dye rare eyebrows

Take an eyebrow marker and draw with it the missing hairs at the tip of the eyebrow. Do not apply too much pressure to the brush to avoid sharp, crisp strokes. We work at the “most natural” level. With the same felt-tip pen, create an imitation of the hairs at its head. Draw them in different directions from the base of the eyebrow.

4. Soap for styling eyebrows

Brow styling soap

A radical way, but it works 100%.

Here you will see step by step how to style your eyebrows with soap with detailed instructions.

All of these techniques are not always used in eyebrow makeup. Sometimes it is enough to walk with a felt-tip pen along the entire eyebrow, drawing the hairs with strokes without filling with color. And whoever is more fortunate can even give up eyebrow makeup!

Therefore, each case is special. There is no single scheme that would suit everyone.

But these life hacks will help you in solving the seemingly simple question “How to dye rare eyebrows”.

Eyebrow makeup is not an easy task, but it can be solved when it comes to imperceptibly painted eyebrows, not Instagram ones.

Where does your eyebrow makeup begin?