21 August 2021

How to do colored makeup for every day

Are you sure you know how to do colored makeup for every day?

When it comes to everyday life, colored makeup is one of the most difficult to perceive. During the day, paints look different than under artificial lighting.

It is very important to understand how to bring color makeup to life every day.

  • Firstly, no long shading to the temple with long arrows. We leave it to the evening make-up.
  • Secondly, we give preference to matte colored shadows. Pearlescent is a different story. You won’t get a pure color from them (they will mix at the stage of application).
  • Thirdly, we use as substrates colour pencils.

How to do colored makeup for every day

And then I see your disgruntled faces: “Nuuuu, Olya … You turned it down! So much for color makeup for every day? ”. Do not panic! Everything is much simpler.

  • Pencils make it easier to apply the eyeshadow and blend for you. They are our time saver, which is so lacking in the morning.

On the base under the shadow, you will not be able to lay out all 5 colors so smoothly – from black to yellow. The boundaries will be visible, and this we do not like.

  • And fourthly, so that the makeup does not look “heavy”, after all, it is day outside the window, we refuse from the eyeliner of the lower eyelid.

Believe me, there is nothing difficult when you have colored pencils and colored shadows at hand. With them you are the princess of colored makeup for every day. And do not try to convince me otherwise. Although no, try it, and I will listen yes

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