21 August 2021

What are your plans for this weekend? You don’t have to answer! I decided to intervene in them with a megacognitive article “How to do Smokey ice makeup and stay yourself!”

How to make Smokey Ice makeup

Everyone, absolutely everyone is afraid of losing their individuality. And Smokey Ice’s makeup is the first one who encroaches on her.

Smokey Ice can change you beyond recognition (by taking away your features), and, conversely, it is advantageous to emphasize them. We are interested in the second, so straight to the point.

How to make Smokey Ice makeup – step by step

How to make Smokey Ice makeup

  • We begin to work with the movable part of the eyelid, without going beyond the crease.
  • We darken the outer and inner corners.
  • Shade the pencil with a barrel brush.
  • Apply shadows on top of the pencil moving towards the center of the slide.
  • Place the creamy eyeshadow highlights.
  • Using matte gray-brown shades, work out the fold.
  • We draw an arrow, modest in size, according to the method that I described here.
  • We do not touch the mucous membrane, as it will affect the shape of the eyes, and we do not want this (at least today)
Do not use dark and saturated colors above the crease of the eyelid. This step will keep the makeup within – still me, but better.

So, what steps must be followed in the Smokey Ice makeup technique:

  • Actively work through the movable space of the century
  • Do not use dark and saturated colors behind the crease of the eyelid
  • Gently line the lower eyelid
  • Do not stain the mucous membrane

Do you think in this situation you have a chance to maintain your individuality with Smokey Ice makeup?

List of used products:




  • Pupa Made To Last Liquid Eyeshadow # 007
    Pupa Made To Last Liquid Eyeshadow # 009
  • Dry eyeliner Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner