21 August 2021

How to use eyeliner - kayal

Whoever does not know how to use an eyeliner, namely kayal, has lost a lot. But before proceeding to the description of its capabilities, let us deal with one and very important question.

How is a kayal different from a regular pencil?

Texture. Kayal is bold and soft, hence its super pigmentation and 100% color recoil. Many people consider kayal to be more persistent, but not. It depends on the brand, not the pencil itself.

Now let’s move on to the points where you will find out:

How to use eyeliner and what it is like to live without a kayal.

1. Kayal is the base under the shade

Every second Smokey ice begin and end using eyeliner. First, we paint over the movable eyelid with it, replacing base under the shade, and at the end we paint over the lashes (about how to do it correctly read here).

How to use eyeliner - kayal

2. Kayal is the best friend of the space between eyelashes

The softness of the pencil allows you to get close to the sensitive area of ​​the eyes, and the high pigmentation makes it possible to quickly and easily paint over the gaps without unnecessary irritation and discomfort.

How to use eyeliner - kayal

3. Mucous eyes + kayal = friendship

True, kayal does not always manage to hold out as long as possible on the inner eyelid, but nevertheless he does it better than a regular eyeliner. And in order to prolong its durability on the mucous membrane of the eye, do not forget about the life hack with a cotton swab (about this read here)

How to use eyeliner - kayal

4. Kayal = shading.

It is very easy to build with it shaded arrow or set the shape of the future shading. The main thing is to act quickly and have a synthetic brush for shading a pencil.

How to use eyeliner - kayal

Kayal is a building material! They can create a base, build a shape, paint over an eyelid – everything related to eye makeup.

You can do without it if you do not know any of the listed makeup techniques. But sooner or later you will be “covered” and you will want to know what it is in use.

  • The only drawback of this type of pencil is that it breaks when sharpened. Its softness prevents the blade from sharpening the lead, which leaves some of the kayal in the sharpener. But I solved this problem by buying a pencil sharpener NARS Pencil Sharpener… She is the only one who can handle this kind of pencil.

And yet, what is correct: kayal or kayal? Both versions have become stronger in everyday life, but I tend to kayal, although it is more convenient to write kayal.