21 August 2021

Today about the make-up miracle – face contouring. Are there disbelievers by virtue of this method? Now there will be no more.

Sounds cocky? Still would! After such convincing photos of “before” and “after” contouring, you will understand where she is from.

Face contouring

But before that, we must answer the main question:

What is face contouring for?

Today he has become a reason for jokes. Alas… The parody of this technique goes off scale thanks to instagram. Many have stopped taking contouring seriously for fear of being ridiculed.

But the initial task of contouring is to transform facial features as naturally as possible. Not to change, not to draw a new face, but only to emphasize what we have.

This is a mandatory step for everyone who uses foundation. Let’s look at the photo with a foundation without contouring.

Face contouring, Face sculpting, face contouring step by step photo

It looks unnatural, without vital signs, the presence of a mask effect on the face. Do you agree?

We fix this in a few steps.

Face contouring step by step

1. Powder

  • Apply locally powder
  • We pay special attention to the areas where there will be sculpting blush… This is one of the important points!
  • Powder is appropriate only if we are not talking about cream correction (I told about it here). Remember, dry textures work with dry ones, and oily textures work with greasy ones.
  • The powder helps to avoid the smudges that will appear if the sculptor is applied over the tone. I call this stage “drying”. I also use it in eye makeup (read more here). Without this step, nothing will blend out the blush, which will “bond” with the foundation.

2. Highlighter

We begin to highlight individual zones.

  • Why is this stage the next and not the last? Against the backdrop of highlights, your natural shadows will become more obvious and easier to emphasize. But reordering will not result in an error.

3. Sculpting powder + blush

  • We are working on the cheekbones zone.
  • We apply blush on the apples of the cheeks without smiling, otherwise when you stop smiling, the probability of their downward movement is very high.

As a result, we see how the face has acquired pleasant features without bright color spots, frankly accentuated by the cheekbones and “nesting dolls” cheeks.

Face contouring

In the “light” mode, the contouring of the face will become a pleasant addition to the makeup, and not a reason for ridicule.

Do you do full face contouring?