The best makeup base for dry skin

I don’t know about you, but we turned on the heating. This means that your life should have the best makeup base for dry skin.

The best makeup base for dry skin comes in three different brands: serum, primer oil and classic.

Whoever missed the article “Makeup base: what is it, how to choose, what to apply”, that pokes hereand then comes back for a list of the best primers for dry skin.

1. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster

The best makeup base for dry skin

A novelty that blew up the Internet with its appearance.

She was expected as a replacement for the famous serum – Make Up For Ever High Definition Elixir. The previous version was loved for its excellent moisturizing properties, convenient packaging and economy. And what do we get from the novelty:

  • A similar liquid consistency similar to a gel
  • Instant absorption
  • Visible hydration
  • All in all, rejoice fans of Make Up For Ever High Definition Elixir. We were provided with a decent alternative.
  • They even kept the packaging.
  • The pipette option is very convenient! Thanks to her, the expense is small.
  • One drop is enough for the whole face.
  • You can purchase a miniature, not a full-size version, it will last for a long time.

2. Primer oil Smashbox Photo Finish

The best makeup base for dry skin

Ambulance for dehydrated and dry skin.

  • Will pull you out of drought and solve all the problems that came along with warm batteries.
  • The oil allows itself to be mixed with tonal creams of different companies.
  • Does not conflict with dry skin and does not provoke inflammation.

Full oil review read here

3. Makeup base Clarins SOS Primer # 01 Rose

The best makeup base for dry skin

New for 2018!

  • Light and almost weightless texture, read, fluid, perfectly prepares the skin for the application of foundation.
  • Gives an instant effect of smooth and even skin.
  • Moisturizing at an average level, which may not be pleasant to owners of VERY dry skin. Consider this point if you are expecting 100% hydration. You can’t wait for him from the Clarence base.

How to replace makeup base for dry skin?

Remember that these are easily replaceable products. It is not necessary to buy a “special” base, because all other options are strictly prohibited.

  • It can be replaced with skin care products – serum / day cream – if these meet the requirements, without adding weight to the face makeup.

And who is in search, then you have on hand a list of the best primers in different designs.

I know that some people prefer serums, others oils, and still others prefer day cream. This is everyone’s business. And mine is to share the best. I’m not greedy.

What’s your best makeup base for dry skin? I definitely didn’t try everything and I definitely missed some of the best!

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