21 August 2021

FedEx Shipping Service, FedEx Feedback, FedEx Parcel Tracking

The other day I got bombed by the FedEx delivery service. I shared my sad experience on my instagram, but it seemed to me that it was not enough.

My goal: to publish an article on the blog so that those who will google “FedEx reviews” will get my post with a real review for their service.

FedEx is express delivery.

FedEx Shipping Service, FedEx Feedback, FedEx Parcel Tracking

From anywhere in the world, they will deliver the package as soon as possible. They will send a tracking number and you will see how fast it flies towards you.

  • Everything is fine exactly until the moment the parcel is on the territory of the Russian Federation.

This is where the most interesting thing begins – customs clearance of the parcel.

FedEx charges a good price for their shipping service, which does not include customs clearance.

If you are an individual, then be so kind as to come to the building of the Cargo Terminal Pulkovo on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00. and provide the following documents:

  • copy of the passport
  • 2 passenger customs declarations / PDDs
  • guarantee obligation
  • printout of a scan from the site or a link to the site where the purchase of the goods was made, with the display of information on the value of the goods, appearance and quantity;
  • confirmation of an order;
  • bank statement confirming payment;
  • scan or photo of the bank card from which the payment was made (the last 4 digits and the owner’s surname should be visible).
  • Depending on the situation, the customs inspector may require the provision of additional documents, which will not be available for the reasons for the release of the parcel.

Now a little about my premise:

✅weight 700 grams

✅ cost 58 $

✅ content: 3 eye shadow palettes for personal use

The most interesting thing was waiting for me at the customs point.

FedEx Shipping Service, FedEx Feedback, FedEx Parcel Tracking

I am going through the registration. I am filling out a questionnaire. Give out a pass.

I go through the checkpoint. I went to the building. I go up to the third floor to the FedEx office. An additional package of documents is handed over to me, with which I have to go down to the second floor.

I’m going down. I go to the window. I transfer all the documents. They are taken away. Study carefully. Ask additional questions. Declare that the package will be handed over to the delivery service.

  • The next day a call from FedEx: “Are we ready to deliver the package to you, when is it convenient to pick it up? Oh yes: do not forget to pay through the courier the storage costs for a paid storage warehouse – 550 rublesthat are not included in the shipping cost ”.

FedEx Shipping Service, FedEx Feedback, FedEx Parcel Tracking

Two days later I receive the package.