21 August 2021

Unusual makeup is freedom of action. There are no prohibitions, clear rules and philosophy.

For me, unusual makeup is to arouse interest in the reader.

Unusual makeup - photo

If he wants to look at the details of the makeup, then I did it.

And when such a desire does not arise, then this is a story about “ordinary makeup”.

What makes makeup unusual?

  • Cosmetics? Nope. Of course, there are times when it helps to reveal the unusualness of the image. But here I have used the most mediocre face makeup products.
  • Idea? Not always. It is, of course, good when there is a deep message, but this time it was not.
  • Vision? Yes. It seems to me that this is the connecting link. Without your vision, it is very difficult to go beyond the usual makeup.

Feel the details and nuances, which become more and more with each movement of the hand. This is how I see unusual makeup today, but what it will be tomorrow I don’t know …

List of used products:


Eyebrow shaping

  • Eyebrow soap

Eye makeup